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Yankee go Home - Fuck the USA Printer friendly page Print This
By Jim Miles | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Friday, Apr 13, 2018

Miles Report No. 99 - Yankee go Home - Fuck the USA

My knee jerk reaction to Trump’s action tonight:

...and Canada is guilty with this war crime...kind of hard to tell you to fuck off home as you are already there. However the Canadian government’s sycophantic support of US imperial foreign policy makes the government culpable in creating a situation that endangers all of the world. The same lies used to destroy Iraq. The same lies used to destroy Libya. The same lies to destroy Yugoslavia. An empire built on the lies of their Anglo heritage from the genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas to the now possible genocide of humanity. 

Ottawa not looking to participate in Syria attacks - just reported on RT (19:00 2018-04-13). Regardless, the culpability lies in not speaking out before hand, and in supporting the overall purpose of the military-industrial complex for petrodollar hegemony. Easy for Canada to sit back and hide behind its false laurels of peace at the same time it supports murder in Gaza and assault vehicle sales to the Saudi Arabia theocracy that supports ISIS/al-Qaeda, et al.

Why the rush to war? To prevent the truth about the Skripal false flag, and the Syrian gas attack false flag from being fully exposed - and I have said dozens of times before, it is all to support US$ hegemony and the power and control of the IMC empire over the people and resources of the world. It is the US air force acting in support of ISIS/al-Qaeda. It is a strike to stop the OCPW from performing their inspection of the Douma area. It is a strike to soothe Trump's bruised deranged ego. And don't forget John Bolton who has been a long time warrior chicken-hawk neocon who now 'advises' Trump.

And now just watching (again on RT) the US military bigwigs spouting the same bullshit rhetoric concerning the supposed chemical attack. They did not notify the Russians before the actual air strike. Questions re legalities and future actions. Usual yadayada - “proportionality discrimination” meaning sure civilians will be killed but so what, including creating more poisonous results. Screw the U.S., who have yet to destroy their own chemical weapons. “Our allies - British/French have worked together through thick and thin” quote Mattis, speaks for their servility to empire.   

“We expect a disinformation campaign from those who have aligned themselves with the Assad regime. So we (the US) are going to be countering that" - sure more bullshit rhetoric from the U.S.

Sincerely, I hope Russia strikes back - perhaps asymmetrically against Saudi Arabia, or shutting off European gas, or maybe blowing up Dimona in Israel. But I would not be surprised if it is also asymmetrical against the suck-ups to empire that rule in Britain and France. Or maybe stopping rare earth sales, titanium sales (bye bye Boeing), rocket engine sales to the U.S. If they do nothing, empire rules. Fortunately for the world, Putin is much more clever than I am and has so far demonstrated a rather calculated steely course that continues to produce success for Russia in Syria and around the world (except of course for the sycophantic western countries).

I suppose Chrystia Freeland is panting in excitement with these developments, an aphrodisiac to her Russophobia. Chances are she has some good company among the Canadian political elites, being most MPs who support US enterprises militarily and corporately.  

Interesting to see what happens...

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