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By J. W. Hackett
Submitted to Axis of Logic by the poet
Monday, Mar 1, 2004

Selections 1983, 2004 

Deep within the stream

the huge fish lie motionless

facing the current

On nearing the surf

every footprint becomes

that of the sea

Two flies, so small

it's a wonder they ever met,

are mating on this rose

Within this hollow seed

and all the time around it:

the shape of emptiness

The might of this pine

splitting solid rock to thrust

its spire to the sky  

Pavilion empty

the old Shanghai gardener

dances with herself

1983, 2004 James W. Hackett

Standing at the summit . . .

my dog's long hair is smoothed

by the wind he bites

      A gusty morning . . .

  wading wantonly through leaves,

      the sound of autumn

      With every gust of sun

  a halo of golden down

      surrounds the hawk 

      This sunny shallow

  so warm and softened by silt,

      clouds . . . with a touch 

Time after time

  caterpillar climbs this broken stem

      then probes beyond


      For a real measure

  of the day's heat, see the length

      of the sleeping cat

 About the Poet:  

James W. Hackett is a regular contributor of his poetry to Axis of Logic.  He is a haiku and Zen poet. Honors graduate UW (Seattle) in philosophy & history. Dedicated Tao/Zen adept. A pioneer of haiku in English (1950s). Disciple & correspondent of R. H. Blyth (called �the genius of haiku�), & H. G. Henderson. Nine books of JWH haiku & Zen poetry published (1964-2004) by Japan Publications, Inc & Hokuseido Press (Tokyo). Honorary President, World Haiku Club. For more info, see:

The poet's latest book, A Traveler's Haiku, is forthcoming from Hokuseido Press, Japan

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