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On Being Presidential Printer friendly page Print This
By Pamela Mac Neil | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Friday, Nov 9, 2018

An early meeting is taking place in the Oval Office.

Sitting around the table are three neocons, and several unimportant  functional staff, all waiting for President Donald Trump.

Trump walks in and all around the table - and all in unison - say       "Good morning, Mr. President."

Trump nods as he sits down at the end of the table. The meeting starts.

NC1: Mr. President, me and my colleagues have been discussing, ever since your meeting in July with President Putin, about making a commemorative coin for yourself and President Putin.

NC2:  That meeting marked a landmark in your Presidency, no other President would have done it, but you did! That meeting needs to become a part of our history, so that future generations can learn about how fearless you were in your Presidency.

NC3:  All that's needed now is your approval, then we can proceed. Please say yes, Mr.President.

Trump: What kind of coin?

NC2: Its a coin that marks a date of which there is great historical significance, like your meeting with President Putin.

Trump: "Why is Putin getting one? I was the one who controlled the meeting and determined what our conversation would be. Putin just followed."

Uncomfortable silence follows.

NC1: "We know that, Mr. President. We just thought you would like to include President Putin in this commemoration."

Trump: "Look, Putin does what I say. He is subservient to me, to us, to the U.S.A. Don't make him more than what he is by giving him a commem ... commem ... what was that word again?"

NC3: "Commemorative.

Trump: "Yeah, okay. One of them. I would be glad to accept the thingamajig made for me, but not if it's being shared with Putin."

NC1: "We'll see what we can do, Mr.President."

Trump: "Yeah, you do that. By the way is this something I can wear on my lapel?"

NC2: "It's definitely too big for that Mr.President, but that's a great idea. We can probably make a smaller version for your lapel."

Trump: "Can you make 2? I'd like to switch them around, depending on what suit I wear."

NC3: "No problem Mr. President."

Trump: "Okay. Oh, I noticed that we have a new staff member. What's your name, Sweetheart?"

SM: "Susan Anderson, sir."

Trump: "Welcome aboard, Suzy."

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