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You should know better - ANOTHER open letter to The Abominable Guardian Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales writes from Caracas | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Apr 4, 2019

"Their government has engaged in the systematic use of murder, imprisonment, torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence since February 2014, to the extent that they are likely to constitute crimes against humanity."

Kate Ferguson offers no evidence of these serious accusations. No names. No dates. She does not mention that the opposition street protests have burned five people alive in the street dousing them with gasoline.

But I suppose that these people do not count as they were mestizos and poor - eh, Dr Ferguson? And the right wing politics of violence killing the poor is seen as somehow justified when it comes to Venezuela.

Even the twisted Guardian does not report on these matters. But that is no surprise.

You should know better.

You mention Julio Borges - and quote him as some sort of authority when he is in fact a fugitive from justice for being the intellectual author of the assassination attempt against President Maduro, his cabinet and the Military High Command on 4 August 2018 using drone bombs. Various detainees have offered up evidence against him.

So, doctor, why does Kate Ferguson not mention the explicit threats of Trump, Bolton, Pompeo and Marco Rubio against Venezuela?

Why does she not mention the electricity sabotage that has affected all Venezuelans alike? Or Rubio saying that the Venezuelan people must suffer so that Maduro is ousted?

She is supporting psychopaths by her silence and omissions.

Dr Ferguson - are you in the pay of the USA, or are you just wilfully ignorant of the facts here on the ground in Venezuela?

You should be ashamed writing such uniformed and dangerous tripe and should be looking to use your doctorate to draw attention to the 14 million people in your own country that cannot meet their basic daily needs due to the policies of austerity which you obviously condone.

Arturo Rosales

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