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  • Cuban Ministry of the Interior , Granma Internacional

    SINCE July 22, more than 900 news items have been published and 12,000 messages posted on internet news websites concerning the regrettable road traffic accident which took place in the afternoon of that day, in which two Cuban citizens died and a Spaniard and a Swede were injured. Only the... » read this article
  • Jason Farbman ,

    WHAT BEGAN several months ago with students taking over their high schools and universities has swelled into one of the largest protest movements in Chile's history. Mass education protests involving tens of thousands of students as well as teachers and other education workers are now in their third month. Dovetailing... » read this article
  • Jonathan Franklin in Santiago , Guardian (UK)

    Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo sits among a peace sign created from empty teargas canisters used by police against protesters. Photograph: Roberto Candia/AP Not since the days of Zapatistas' Subcomandante Marcos has Latin America been so charmed by a rebel leader. This time, there is no ski mask, no pipe... » read this article
  • Michel Collon , Investig´ Action

    Deeply moved, nearly a billion of us looked on. A whole nation—managers and workers, rich and poor—united in a common effort to save 33 Chilean miners, with their President leading from the front. Emotion, suspense, ratings, huge advertising revenues. But what did this TV extravaganza conceal ? That the "saviours"... » read this article
  • Iván Lira , Monthly Review

    Iván Lira is a Venezuelan artist.  This cartoon was published in Rebelión on 8 October 2010.  Cf. "In the face of the government's failure to withdraw the charges of alleged terrorism against the Mapuche prisoners, as is stipulated in the accord reached last week, members of this indigenous community who... » read this article
  • James Suggett , Venezuela Analysis

    Mérida, July 5th 2010 - At a summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Caracas on Saturday, foreign ministers and ambassadors from 24 nations debated Venezuela’s proposed integration plan and designated Venezuela and Chile to write the organization’s statutes and host its summits over the next... » read this article
  • Kristen Saloomey , Al Jazeera

    University students have always been known for their activism, but I just met a group at Columbia University's School of Public Administration (SIPA) who are using technology to take it to a new level. They are volunteers who have been holed up in the basement of the school's library, despite... » read this article
  • Maxine Lowy , Women's Media Center

    Michelle Bachelet’s presidency comes to a tumultuous end less than two weeks after her country withstood an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Here, the author assesses what her term in office has meant for women in Chile and what lies ahead. The massive earthquake that struck Chile before dawn February 27 prompted... » read this article
  • Naomi Klein , The Nation

    How Socialism Protected Chileans from Earthquake Fall-out Ever since deregulation caused a worldwide economic meltdown in September 2008 and everyone became a Keynesian again, it hasn't been easy to be a fanatical fan of the late economist Milton Friedman. So widely discredited is his brand of free-market fundamentalism that his... » read this article
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