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British Petroleum Oil Disaster in Gulf of Mexico
Live feed from British Petroleum
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  • Tom Eley , WSWS

    By 20 April 2011 This article, the first of a four-part series marking the first anniversary of the BP Gulf oil disaster, reviews the systematic corporate and government cover-up of the BP disaster and its consequences. One year ago today, on April 20, 2010, an explosion on the BP-run Deepwater... » read this article
  • Jason Palmer , BBC

    In places the layer of oil and dead animals is 10cm thick The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill "devastated" life on and near the seafloor, a marine scientist has said. Studies using a submersible found a layer, as much as 10cm thick in places, of dead animals and oil, said... » read this article
  • Naomi Klein , The Nation

    "Dolphins off the bow!" I race to the front of the WeatherBird II, a research vessel owned by the University of South Florida. There they are, doing their sleek silvery thing, weaving between translucent waves, disappearing under the boat, reappearing in perfect formation on the other side. After taking my... » read this article
  • Dahr Jamail , Al Jazeera

    Doctor attributes widespread sickness to toxic chemicals from the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe. Despite BP having capped its well in the Gulf of Mexico in July, the health-related after-effects of the disaster subsist. Gulf Coast residents and BP cleanup workers have linked the source of certain illnesses to chemicals present... » read this article
  • Stephen Foley in New York , The Independent (UK)

    An investor lawsuit against BP, claiming the oil giant repeatedly lied about its safety record, will be fronted by two ambitious politicians and range over more than five years of the company's communications with shareholders. A US court ruling helped to clarify the size and scope of the class-action suit,... » read this article
  • Bob Marshall , The Times-Picayune

    See 2nd Report Below: US Coast Guard Claim that Sighting is Algae, Not Oil Just three days after the U.S. Coast Guard admiral in charge of the BP oil spill cleanup declared little recoverable surface oil remained in the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana fishers Friday found miles-long strings of weathered oil floating... » read this article
  • Hiram Lee , WSWS

    25 October 2010 October 20 marked the six-month anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which claimed the lives of 11 workers and began the largest oil spill in history. Before BP’s Macondo well was finally sealed in September, five months into the disaster, 185 million gallons of oil were spilled... » read this article
  • Special Report , Southern Environmental Law Center

    Defenders of Wildlife- Caitlin Leutwiler, 202-772-3226   Gulf Restoration Network- Cyn Sarthou , 504-525-1528 ext 202 Save the Manatee Club- Pat Rose, 850-570-1373   Washington, D. C. – Summary: Conservation groups today filed suit against oil giant BP under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) for the ongoing unlawful harm or... » read this article
  • Tom Eley , WSWS

    8 October 2010 The Obama administration intentionally suppressed information regarding the size of the BP oil spill for months, handicapping response efforts and confusing public perception of the catastrophe, according to new reports issued by investigators working for the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore... » read this article
  • Renee Schoof and Margaret Talev , McClatchy News

    WASHINGTON — Government scientists wanted to tell Americans early on how bad the BP oil spill could be, but the White House denied their request to make the worst-case scenarios public, a report by staff for the national panel investigating the spill said Wednesday. The allegation by unnamed government officials,... » read this article
  • Patrick Martin , WSWS

    12 August 2010 In a deal that has sweeping, long-term implications for millions of people living and working along the US Gulf Coast, the Obama administration has agreed to base the payments by BP to the oil disaster fund on the oil giant’s profits from its drilling operations in the... » read this article
  • Laura Flanders interviewing Greg Palast , GRIT

    Last week, Mike Papantonio told us that there was no fund from BP to pay for the oil disaster, and raised some questions about Kenneth Feinberg, the administrator of the damages to Gulf residents. ; Today investigative journalist Greg Palast answers some of those questions--and raises a few of his... » read this article
  • Tom Eley , WSWS

    31 July 2010 In another indication that BP will seize on its reported success in finally stopping the Gulf oil blowout to protect its revenues, new CEO Bob Dudley on Friday said that the company will start to wind down its cleanup operations. Efforts to completely shut down the Macondo... » read this article
  • Van Jones , Commonwealth Club. Fora TV

    San Francisco - June 29, 2010 - Environmental advocate Van Jones reflects on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and what society must learn from the catastrophe. "I've never heard of a wind slick; I've never heard of a sun spill," says Jones. "There's a better way."... » read this article
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