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  • Free , Mat Whitecross; Michael Winterbottom

    The Road to Guantánamo is the story of Shafiq Rasul, Ruhal Ahmed, and Asif Iqbal, three young British men who were captured by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan in 2001 and detained without charge or legal representation as enemy combatants at Guantánamo Bay. Source Link... » read this article
  • John Pilger. Produced and directed by Alan Lowery. , John Pilger Productions

    We present the two John Pilger films,  "The Secret Country - The First Australians Fight Back," produced in 1985 and this one, "Welcome to Australia" in 1999 to form a trilogy with "UTOPIA - A film by John Pilger with his article on the Aboriginal People of Australia", released in... » read this article
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