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By Nesreen Melek
Axis of Logic
Friday, Dec 10, 2004

Merry Christmas America

Bells are ringing here
Bombs are falling there 

Red ribbons are tied to everything here

White sheets are covering dead bodies there

Christmas trees are sold everywhere here

Palm trees are raising high and are burned there

Present boxes are wrapped with different colours here

Empty boxes are filled with hopes there

Christmas decorations are on every house here

Darkness and death are covering many cities there

Children are waiting for Santa here

Children are amputated there

Cards are sent to families and friends here

Bullets are targeting civilians there

Handle�s messiah is playing on the radio here

Soft voice of hurt women can be heard there

Christmas carols are sang in churches here

Funeral services are held in churches there

Prayers for good days can be heard here

Screams for help are heard there

Love and compassion are filling the atmosphere here

Frustration, hatred and anger are the norm there

Malls are filled with goods here

Starving people are waiting for food there

Homes are filled with families and guests here

Houses are demolished on people there

Glasses of wine are tossed here

Glass from broken windows fills the houses there


White snow is covering the streets here

Soldiers with weapons are walking in the streets there


Dogs are getting Christmas present here

Dogs are eating deceased on empty streets there

Families are gathering for Christmas dinner here

Civilians are crying for their lost ones there

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year is a wish here

Agony and despair is the feeling there 

Can we feel for each other here and there?

� Copyright 2004 by

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