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Bless your heart Muntathar. Iraq will stand like the Lion of Babylon, proud and strong. ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Nesreen Melek, Iraqi poet
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Dec 17, 2008

Dear Les,
Hope you're doing well and so are the people around you.

Les, do you know what "Muntathar" (Muntador) means in Arabic? Muntathar is a person who someone could wait for. Yesterday, Muntather el Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist threw his shoes on Bush’s face. I was waiting for this moment to happen Les. While I watching the clip live, I cried for all the people who were murdered, tortured, raped and forced to leave their beloved country, Iraq.  I cried for my country which turned to be a country of horror and fear.  Yet, I felt happy, because for the first time since long time, I felt  proud for being an Iraqi.
This is a proof to the people around the world that we will not bend. Eventually the invaders will leave and the Iraqis will resist the invasion. The Iraqis will kick the invaders out if not by their shoes, with other tools. Iraq will stand like the Lion of Babylon, proud and strong. May be I will not live long to taste the happiness of this moment, but my lovely boys will.
Shame on all journalists and the people who witnessed the injustice and didn’t take actions

Shame on all the Americans who let their president launched an ugly war on civilians who did no harm to them

Shame on the people around the war who will celebrate their holidays while people were killed by their names
Bless your heart Muntathar, and bless the hearts of the people who resisted and will resist the invasion

Bless your heart Muntathat and bless the hearts of the people who took a stand and will take a stand for this ugly war
Muntathar sent an early Iraqi Christmas present for Mr.  Bush. I don’t believe in Santa Clause Les, but Muntathar was our Santa for this season and seasons to come .
Keep well Les and update me with your news please,



Nesreen Melek is a regular contributor to Axis of Logic. Nesreen is an Iraqi woman, a mother and poet, who lives in Canada but with an abiding love and devotion to her homeland, Iraq. It is very easy for us to become caught up in our busy-ness, working to end a war in a land we have never seen. Nesreen brings us back to the realities of why we protest, organize, write and publish. When we begin thinking of war as some sort of drama being acted out in a land we have never seen, Nesreen reminds us of the children, mothers and fathers. She reminds us of the terrible details of what the U.S. has wrought in the war on the people of Iraq ... the lost child trying to find a familiar face, the shocked mother, staggering aimlessly down a cratered street ... the father, staring in disbelief at the body of his child in the back of a pickup truck, the poisoning of Iraqi soil with depleted uranium, the massive destruction on Iraq's infrastructure and economy. Nesreen can be contacted at:

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