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By Preparation for Encampment
Boston Troops Out Now!
Wednesday, Mar 7, 2007

Preparation for Encampment to Stop the War

  • March 7 - March 17/Encampment Mobilizers Meeting
  • March 15 - Veterans, Military Families, Active Duty GIs from Encampment to Stop the War to March on Walter Reed

The next March 17/Encampment Mobilizers Meeting will be 6:30pm Wednesday, March 7 at the Action Center, 284 Amory St. (the Brewery), Jamaica Plain.

At this meeting there will be:

  • A reportback from the press conference
  • Updates on the encampment and March 17

With less than one week until the Occupation of Washington begins and less than two weeks before the March on the Pentagon there is a lot that still needs to be done. 

The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on funding for the Iraq war Wed., March 14. Be at the Encampment to confront the war makers!!

  1. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in the Encampment

    Go to for the latest updates on the Encampment.
  2. If you haven't reserved/purchased a bus seat for March 17 please do so today at:
  3. If you can't attend either event please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of these actions - buses, printing, phones, etc.

Veterans, Military Families, Active Duty GIs from Encampment to Stop the War to March on Walter Reed

On Thursday,  March 15, veterans, military families, members of the active duty military, and supporters will participate in a car caravan to Walter Reed Hosptial, where they will hold a rally and press conference to denounce the despicable treatment of Veterans by the President, Congress, and the Pentagon.

Larry Holmes, a Vietnam-era Veteran said:

"While Congress and the President use the phrase 'support the troops' to attempt to justify their continuing support for the war, we've seen in the past few days how they really treat the troops. They've left them in a moldy, dilapadated motel, infested with roaches and rats, and denied them access to the care they need.  Meanwhile, they're spending $100,000 a minute on the war to line the pockets of Halliburton."

"We're going to rally to demand real support for the troops - which means bringing them home now, and taking care of them when they get home," Holmes continued.  "Every day this occupation continues, more Iraqi people are killed and more GIs come home in body bags or permanently injured.  We're hearing from military families, active duty military members, and veterans from across the country who are planning to join us for the Encampment to Stop the War on March 12.  And on 15, we're going to Walter Reed to hold Bush and Congress accountable for their criminal neglect."

Troops Out Now Coalition


National Office:

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