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  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    Editor's comment: Below, Dady Chery is keen to remember what many so easily forget. Like the New Zealanders, Dady's family went through the terrible earthquake in her native Haiti in January, last year. All the folks at Axis of Logic join her expression of sympathy to the many Japanese who have lost... » read this article
  • Les Blough, Editor. , Axis of Logic

    AGUA FOR HAITI NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS Update December 19, 2010- Emergency powers were granted to President Chavez this week to issue decrees relating to the crisis affecting Venezuela as a result from the heaviest rains to hit the country in over 40 years. Over 130,000 people have been displaced, dozens... » read this article
  • Club de Periodistas de México. Les Blough. Axis of Logic , CLARITY PRESS, INC. AXIS OF LOGIC.

    "Fearless" describes Jim Petras well among the many other terms that can be rightly spoken of him and his life work. Through the decades Petras has worked directly with indigenous workers as an organizer, advised left wing presidents like President Papandreou (Greece 1981-85), President Salvador Allende of Chile (1970-73) and in... » read this article
  • Paul Richard Harris, Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic exclusive

    You’ve no doubt noticed that every article we post on Axis of Logic gives the reader the opportunity to comment. Although the pieces we publish are in keeping with our world view, we don’t necessarily agree with every word written (unless, of course, we’ve written them ourselves).   If you... » read this article
  • Michael C. Feltham. Axis of Logic , The Independent

    Editors' Note: Michael C. Feltham, Axis author of "Feltham on the Economy" wrote the following obituary for his good friend, Axis of Logic columnist, Robert Thompson which was published in The Independent (UK). This report of Robert's life contains many details which were not included in our own memorial to him, published in May. Robert's... » read this article
  • Preparation for Encampment , Boston Troops Out Now!

    Preparation for Encampment to Stop the War March 7 - March 17/Encampment Mobilizers Meeting March 15 - Veterans, Military Families, Active Duty GIs from Encampment to Stop the War to March on Walter Reed The next March 17/Encampment Mobilizers Meeting will be 6:30pm Wednesday, March 7 at the Action Center, 284 Amory... » read this article
  • Special Notice , Received via e-mail

    Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah will be speaking tomorrow (Friday) on television (on Al Manar satellite channel available on: Nile Sat (The Egyptian Satellite Company) and Arab Sat (Arab Satellite Communications). It had been scheduled to show on Hotbird at 7 pm GMT but has been removed from Hotbird because of pressure... » read this article
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