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By Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic
Sunday, Nov 4, 2007

Photo: VTV

This morning, over a million people poured into Caracas for the Gran Marcha En Apoyo de la Reforma Constucional! (The Great March in support of Constitutional Reform). The march began at 10 am and its numbers are only exceeded by the powerful, high spirited support of “El Pueblo” for the reforms. As far as the eye can see, they are garbed in red, many waving the majestic Venezuelan flag, dancing, marching and singing, punctuated with high wire actors, juggling and other street performers.


Photo: VTV
Large contingents carry signs with the numbers and texts of their favorite reforms to the constitution which they have held dear since they adopted it by referendum in 1999. Throughout the crowd large banners and signs with the word “ SI !! " can be seen, signifying the people’s support for the reforms. This is the greatest mass-outpouring of support for Chavez and the policies of his administration since the December 3, 2006 elections when he won the presidential election once again in an landslide.

A few minutes ago television screens across the nation were emblazoned with: 


As President Chavez joins the march on Avenida Bolivar, standing atop a truck traveling through the crowds the people are going wild, jumping up and down, cheering and screaming support of a head of state who is respected worldwide for his union with the people of Venezuela, Latin America and the world.

This massive support stands in contrast with the students organized by the minority opposition and funded by Washington over the last few weeks. Those protests were carried out by a few students in comparison with the flood of people we see here today. Those protests were also marred by student violence and destruction of property in the face of an incredibly patience, well-trained police and National Guard who exercised tremendous restraint. During the week past a white SUV drove by protesting students in the State of Zulia and opened fire. A number of students were shot; one woman and one man were shot fatally and 4 remain in the hospital in critical condition. One of the shooters left the vehicle momentarily to shoot the woman repeatedly to ensure her death. These shootings have all the marks of an organized "hit" and motivation lies at the heart of the investigation. This attack reminds us of April 11, 2002 in the coup attempt when opposition leaders shot down their own people in Caracas and blamed the government for the shootings. In his speech today, President Chavez confirmed that these shootings were committed by terrorists. One must remember that the Zulia state lies just across the border from Colombia where the macabre work of the AUC and other death-squad paramilitaries have been directly linked to President Uribe, a close personal friend of George W. Bush. 

On October 26, we published a report by Jesús Moreno, Caracas, on a meeting of members of the U.S. State Department in Prague where strategies to disrupt Venezuela's December vote for reforms was discussed. Paul Wolfowitz, Madeleine Albright met with members of Venezuelan opposition party, the Action Democratic party to formulate and finalize their tactics. Their work included a plan to "Trigger a military coup with all possible means, using Columbian paramilitary forces infiltrated in Venezuela." See:

Senior US Officials give go-ahead for sabotage operations against constitutional reform in Venezuela
Axis of Logic, October 26, 2007

Between now and December 2, we can expect more acts of violence fomented by the opposition in league with Washington. Last Friday, in front of the National Assembly the opposition students literally attacked police who stood on the back of a military vehicle. They hit a number of police with steel barricades, knocking them off the back of a flatbed truck and still, the police did not respond with arrests or any physical violence. I could not help but think what would happen if the police were attacked by anti-war protestors in the United States.

Today’s demonstration of support for the government by the people has been a totally peaceful march through the city with no signs of violence. However, signs of opposition media manipulations are ever present and can be expected in the future. On live coverage by VTV, TVES and ANTV of President Chavez' speech today the amazing breadth and length of the audience can be clearly seen. On the other hand, when one switches the channel to Globovision, nearly empty streets are shown while broadcasting the voice of Chavez. These petty antics may please the minority opposition and set up their December 2 arguments that the vote for reforms has been rigged, just as they did in the 2006 presidential elections. But the vast majority are fully aware based upon their learning and past experiences with the lies of the opposition. 

(Vive TV archive photo)

Overwhelming support from the National Federation of Venezuelan Students brings a powerful answer to the few students who protested violently last week and received wide coverage by Globovision and other private media here and in the West. Hundreds of thousands of students are in the street today to show the country and the world that the majority of University students in Venezuela stand with the government and for the Constitutional Reforms.

Now the entire screaming crowd falls silent as Jose Vincente Rangel, Vice President introduces Chavez who is about to address the crowd. Chavez breaks out in song with the national anthem and a million people join him by repeating each line:


— Coro —

Gloria al bravo pueblo que el yugo lanzó,
la Ley respetando
la virtud y honor. 

— I —

ˇAbajo cadenas!
Gritaba el Seńor;
y el pobre en su choza
libertad pidió.
Y a este santo nombre
tembló de pavor
el vil egoísmo
que otra vez triunfó.

— II —

Gritemos con brio
Muera la opresion!Compatriotas fieles,
la fuerza es la union;
y desde el empireo,
el Supremo Autor
un sublime aliento
al pueblo infundio.

— III —

Unida con lazos
que el cielo forjo,
la America toda
existe en nacion;
y si el despotismo
levanta la voz
seguid el ejemplo
que Caracas dio.


— Chorus —

Glory to the brave people
which shook off the yoke,
the Law respecting
virtue and honour.

— I —

“Down with the chains!”
Cried out the Lord;
nd the poor man in his hovel
for freedom implored.
Upon this holy name
trembled in fear
the vile selfishness
that had once triumphed.

— II —

Let’s cry out aloud
Down with oppression!
Faithful countrymen, your strength
ies in your unity;
nd from the heavens
the supreme Creator
breathed a sublime spirit
into the nation.

— III —

United by bonds
made by heaven,
all America
as a Nation;
nd if tyranny
raises its voice,
ollow the example
given by Caracas.

The silence of the crowd is only interrupted by outbreaks of applause and cheers as they punctuate their President's words of affirmation, solidarity and commitment of his administration to all Venezulanos. There are no words to capture the events of this day. But we can rest assured that the people of Venezuela are empowered like no other people on earth in what is truly a democratic society.

We will publish this speech on Axis of Logic as soon as it has been translated into English.

Return to this report when you see "updated" in the title of the article in the future for more photographs and the Engllsh text of President Chavez' speech.

To read what all the excitement is about here today see:

Constitutional reforms in Venezuela
Embassy of Venezuela in Washington with Axis of Logic commentary

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