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Correo del Orinoco June 4, 2010 Printer friendly page Print This
By Eva Golinger, Editor
Correo del Orinoco
Friday, Jun 4, 2010

Editor's Note: This English edition of Eva Golinger's weekly, Correo del Orinoco International, is loaded with the latest hard-hitting news from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This week's issue provides clear explanations of how an economic war is being waged against the revolution, of the current status of Venezuela's national railway system, a damning exposé of capitalism by Gregory Elich and much more. The editors of Axis of Logic are also very pleased that Correo del Orinoco has given special coverage to our project to send clean drinking water to the people of Haiti. This kind of generous collaboration is exemplary for all of us in the revolutionary media.

- Les Blough, Editor



Saludos friends of Venezuela! Attached please find this week's Correo del Orinoco International - English Edition. Our feature is on the current economic situation in Venezuela, described as a "war" by President Chavez. We also have in depth pieces on the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla; the premiere of the new Oliver Stone documentary in South America, "South of the Border"; and a special plea for helping bring drinking water to Haiti. Our OpEd is on the "meanness" of capitalism, by Gregory Elich. - Eva Golinger

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