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Manuel Zelaya is “unanimously” named Coordinator of the Executive Committee of the National Front of Popular Resistance (FRNP) ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By News Bulletin
Thursday, Jul 15, 2010

Constitutional President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya is now leading the FRNP, organized for the "refoundation of the country."

The constitutional President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, ousted by the coup d’état was named Coordinator General of the Executive Committee of the National Popular Resistance Front (FRNP), according to the “Resistance” radio program. The resolution was agreed on during the First Assembly, composed of 56 delegates, officers and alternates in Tocoa, Department of Colon. Zelaya was named as Coordinator without a substitute and only Zelaya can occupy the position.

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The initiative was proposed by the National Popular Resistance Front of San Pedro Sula and seconded by Attorney Posadas, of the Resistance from the Department of El Paraiso; Edgardo Casaña representing the Federacíon of Teachers Organizations of Honduras (FOMH) issued supporting statements; and a unanimous decision was reached by the entire assembly of delegates.

The decision has been communicated to President Zelaya and a response is expected in the next hours. The representatives also decided to expand the composition of the Executive Committee from 7 to 15 members, two representatives from each organization that had not been included.

Members of the Executive Committee:

Manuel Zelaya Rosales, General Coordinator
Juan Barahona -Tegucigalpa
Carlos H. Reyes -Tegucigalpa
Will Paz- Colón
Leonel Amaya- Olancho
Lucía Granados- San Pedro Sula
Lilí Aguilar-Lempira
María Antonia Martínez –Feminists in Resistance
Porfirio Amador- Choluteca
Jaime Rodríguez- FOMH
Juan Chinchilla- Youth Bajo Aguán
Víctor Petit-Comayagua
Teresa Reyes- Fraternal Black Organization of Honduras (Ofraneh)
José Luis Baquedano- United Federation of Workers of Honduras (CUTH)
Edgardo Casaña- FOMH
Space for Lenca Indigenous

Most recent update (Monday July 12, 2010)
Translated by Quixote Center

Source: Resistancia

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