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Agua For Haiti. September 3, 2011 Status Report ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Les Blough, Editor. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Saturday, Sep 3, 2011


Status Report to Axis of Logic Readers and Contributors.

Please note that we have discontinued our request for contributions for our project, Agua for Haiti. We are still sitting on contributions for this project, deposited in a secure Axis of Logic bank account in Venezuela designated for this project. All contributions are there. We have run into problems that involve the new US-backed Martelly regime in Haiti. They have made shipments like the one we want to send very difficult. We did not anticipate any of this when we with best intentions launched this project and for this we apologize. We are very grateful for all those who have generously contributed and doubly grateful for your patience and understanding.

Two weeks ago I met with Martelly's Haitiian Consul in Caracas and it was in this meeting that we realized why our shipment was being delayed. Politically, this is a very sensitive matter as perhaps you can imagine. We will not send the water to Haiti until we can be sure that it arrives directly to the people who so desperately need it. This is the way things stand right now. A careful reading of this article may help to explain the problems with distribution even during the Preval era before Martelly came into office. Perhaps it will give a clue to the complications and problems involved with distribution of goods and services in Haiti.

We are extremely grateful to the many who contributed to this project and please be assured that your contributions are secure. We are continuing to work to get the water to the people who need it most free of charge and will report again on any new developments. However, with this new information, we will quickly refund any or all donations to contributors upon request via e-mail to If you request a refund, please write, "Agua for Haiti," in the subject line of your email message. Thanks very much for your contributions to this project and for your understanding.

- Les Blough, Editor

November, 2010 UPDATE:  Recently, one of our readers, originally from Haiti, has pledged to match new accumulated donations for up to $1,000. With this generous pledge, we will be able to double the next $1,000 received in accumulated donations and meet our final goal of $4,000. Please know that your donation will be doubled with this generous pledge, enabling us to ship this water to the people who need it most in Haiti. - Les Blough, Editor

First Quarterly Report. September 20, 2010 - It has been 3 months since we launched the appeal for our new project, Agua for Haiti. The response from many of you has been wonderful. Our first objective (financial) for this project is to raise $4,000 which will enable us to send a full truckload of potable water directly to the Haitian people. It's only by purchasing a full truckload that the private water company will give us a 52% discount from the retail price of the bottled water. The cases of bottled water will be moved on pallets from truck to air transport and flown directly to Port-au-Prince. There it will be off-loaded and delivered to people who do not have wells or water purification stations in their communities. We have no illusions that these shipments represent long-term solutions. But they meet an immediate and critical need until permanent term projects have been completed.

Another benefit of contributing to this project is that there are no transportation costs because the Venezuelan government agrees to ship the water to Haiti free of charge. We now have $3600 of the $4,000 needed to get this clean drinking water to the people in Haiti who need it most. After this first shipment which we will intiated next week, we will continue to build for the next shipment and the next, as long as the need exists. Haiti's need for potable water is chronic but has it been as acute as now during this cholera epidemic. The people have been receiving For more details about this Axis of Logic project and to see how you can contribute, please visit: Our Agua for Haiti Project. Axis of Logic. (Ingles y Español).

We offer a big thank you for all those of you who have already contributed. Your gifts to Haiti have been inspirational. One community in Nicaragua collected donations in small amounts and sent $100 in cash by mail to this worthy project.




To those of you who have already given, we know that "you can only do what you can do." But please consider giving again to this worthy project if you possibly can. To those who haven't donated yet, please think about what you can do, even if your donation must be in some of the smaller donations that you'll see in our quarterly report below.

Donations in all amounts have been received over the last few months and each moves us closer to our objective. But we reached a plateau in July. So we are renewing our appeal. Please help us reach our goal of $4,000 within the next two weeks. Our quarterly report is provided below for your review.

- Axis of Logic Editorial Board

Agua For Haiti Project
Quarterly Financial Report
May 29-July 31, 2010

Donations Received
Date Amount Method
July 1, 2010 $ 25 PayPal
July 6, 2010 39 PayPal
July 8, 2010 20 PayPal
July Total $ 84
June 5, 2010 80 PayPal
June 7, 2010 20 PayPal
June 10, 2010 25 PayPal
June 12, 2010 3 PayPal
June 12, 2010 35 PayPal
June 13, 2010 25 PayPal
June 13, 2010 50 PayPal
June 13, 2010 20 US Postal
June 13, 2010 50 US Postal
June 13, 2010 100 US Postal
June 18, 2010 50 PayPal
June 21, 2010 35 PayPal
June Total $ 493
May 4, 2010 10 PayPal
May 6, 2010 50 US Postal
May 6, 2010 25 US Postal
May 10, 2010 20 PayPal
May 10, 2010 75 PayPal
May 10, 2010 50 PayPal
May 10, 2010 50 PayPal
May 10, 2010 100 PayPal
May 11, 2010 25 PayPal
May 12 , 2010 100 PayPal
May 24, 2010 20 PayPal
May 24, 2010 200 US Postal
May 24, 2010 150 US Postal
May 25, 2010 50 PayPal
May 25, 2010 10 PayPal
May 25, 2010 100 PayPal
May 27, 2010 200 PayPal
May 27, 2010 10 PayPal
May 28, 2010 75 PayPal
May 28, 2010 250 PayPal
May Total $1570
(May, June, July)


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