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Humanitarian Disaster in Sirte. Hospital bombed, NATO/NTC Mercenaries drive off Red Cross. ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Les Blough, Editor. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011

Axis of Logic

"After the death of their leaders by Libyan Jamahiriya forces at Sirte and Bani Walid, they have no commanders who give orders for operations in those areas. Even before this, they had severe splits in recent months whereby commanders killed each other, and divided along tribal lines, and mistrust, due to the varied motivations and priorities of the "rebel" forces."

- Mathaba

At Axis of Logic we receive report briefs sourced to a person inside Libya who in our judgement is reliable but wishes to remain anonymous. The information we have received has been redacted to protect identities:

A humanitarian disaster is underway in the city of Sirte. NATO continues hitting the city with missiles and bombs indiscrminately. There are "massive casualties, mostly civilian" in Sirte and a hospital inside the city has been hit by NATO/NTC artillery grenades and rockets. The hospital is without electricity, medicine, oxygen and other basic needs to provide emergency medical care. This is confirmed by TeleSur in the video report below. Our sources say that reports by the corporate media that humanitarian aid is reaching the city are not true.

Our report briefs state that weapons are being delivered to the NATO/NTC mercenaries in Red Cross containers by the Red Cross.

However, in the first video that follows, TeleSur's Diego Marin is on site, stating that the NATO/NTC forces have threatened and prevented the Red Cross from entering the city after making numerous attempts. The logical extension is that the invaders are using Red Cross containers to transport weapons but this is not confirmed beyond the report we have received from our sources. Diego Marin confirms that the hospital in Sirte has been bombed and that conditions for the injured are indeed dire with patients dying in their hospital beds for lack of supplies and treatment. He also indicates that the doctors and staff remain in the hospital doing the best they can without the basic materials they need to provide treatment.

In the second video that follows CNN confirms that it has been artillery fire from the NATO/NTC Mercenaries and not the Libyan forces inside the city who have threatened and turned the Red Cross away from delivering humanitarian aid. But CNN obfuscates by amplifying the voice of the mercenaries, asserting their strength and giving a quasi-defense of their inhumane actions against the Red Cross and the people of Sirte.

Our report briefs tell us that NATO/NTC fighters have advanced to the suburbs of the city and are met with fierce resistance. NATO/NTC artillery fire is being received from positions 5-15 km outside and from the sea. Our reports state that an NTC commander outside the city has been killed. The city is under the control of the Libyan Resistance but there are conflicting reports about whether the NATO/NTC fighters are in city center.

The briefs also state that tribal elders in Benghazi have vowed vengeance after seeing videos of NATO/NTC war crimes and that the invaders are "in chaos" in Tripoli. The pro-invader corporate media has focused its attention on Sirte and away from Tripoli.

In a separate report received at Axis of Logic, there has been also been an assassination attempt on Abdul Hakim Belhadji, the head of the NATO/NTC forces in Tripoli on Monday night. Belhadj was previously the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which fought against the Qaddafi government in the past. He spent time fighting in Afghanistan and was later transferred by the U.S. to Thailand for interrogation. He ended up returning to Libya where he was captured by the Qaddafi military and placed in the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli. The Qaddafi government released him and several other members of the LIFG from prison in 2010 and Belhadj later became a military leader in the NATO/NTC.

Additional source: LIBYA 360°

Axis of Logic follows this message with the 2 videos.

- Les Blough, Editor

Axis of Logic Note October 5, 2011: You Tube has removed the two videos we republished below yesterday from their original locations with the following message:

This video is no longer available because the YouTube
account associated with this video has been terminated.

But the YouTube account for these videos has not changed. Since their removal, we found them re-broadcast on YouTube under the same accounts but at different locations with different embed codes. This may have been a tactic designed to disable the reproduction of these videos when they appear on various websites like Axis of Logic - thus to keep them from spreading. When YouTube videos are disabled in this way, it's important for re-publishers like us to search for them under the same title on and you may find them with different embed codes at different locations. These originals and secondary repubs were loaded by the same sources - TeleSur and CNN. We thank Axis of Logic Reader, Filipe, for alerting us to the disappearance of these two important videos.

- Les Blough, Editor

NATO/NTC Mercenaries Preventing
Humanitarian Aid From Reaching Libyan Civilians

NATO Rebels Gunfire stops Red Cross from going
in Sirte to help civilians, NATO Crimes In Libya

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