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Afghanistan: Taliban downs Blackhawk helicopter, killing 11 including 7 US soldiers ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By News Bulletin
Thursday, Aug 16, 2012

Editor's Note: The BBC makes a lame attempt to rob the Taliban of their successful military operation by calling their attack on a US Blackhawk helicopter a "crash" and stating that the Taliban's "claim could not be verified" and that "correspondents say the group is prone to exaggeration." Are the Pentagon and the British Land Command also "groups" and does the BBC report their attacks in Afghanistan as exaggerations? It's nothing new - just another example of how the BBC whores itself to the corporate government of the UK. 

This month is the anniversary of the Taliban's shooting down the U.S. Chinook near Kabul, killing 30 US soldiers and 8 Afghans in the puppet military. When that took place, many corporate media reported in the same way until videos proved that the aircraft had been shot down by the Taliban.

- Les Blough, Editor

The Taliban scored another military success, shooting down a US Blackhawk helicopter in the Kahn Wali Kot area of Kandahar.


Afghan helicopter crash kills 11 in Kandahar, Isaf says

Eleven people have been killed after a Black Hawk helicopter carrying foreign troops crashed in southern Afghanistan, the Nato-led coalition force says.

Seven American soldiers and four Afghans died in the crash, the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said.

The helicopter came down in the Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar province, the Afghan authorities said.

Isaf said it was investigating the cause of the crash.

Three of the Afghans killed were members of the security forces, while one was a civilian interpreter, Isaf said in its statement.

The Taliban said it carried out the attack but its claim could not be verified. Correspondents say the group is prone to exaggeration.

Helicopter crashes are not uncommon in Afghanistan, where international forces depend heavily on air transport.

In August 2011, the Taliban shot down an American Chinook near Kabul, killing 30 Americans and eight Afghans in the deadliest single incident for US troops since the war began.

Foreign forces are due to hand over responsibility for security to their Afghan counterparts at the end of 2014.

Source: BBC

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