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Venezuela: Arrested US citizen tied to rightists' conspiracy Printer friendly page Print This
By AVN - MINCI. Axis of Logic
Axid of Logic.
Thursday, Apr 25, 2013

"El Gringo" - Timothy Hallett Tracy, arrested today in Venezuela

Most people who are following events in Venezuela since the April 14 election of President Nicolas Maduro, have now heard about the violence that followed the election. If you read the U.S. and European capitalist media you have read the two lies - one that the government caused the violence and the second - that the new Venezuelan government "oppressed peaceful demonstrations by the opposition."

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government reported that after he lost the election, opposition candidate Capriles Radonski called for the opposition to go to the streets and if you live in Venezuela as I do, you know what that means. While Radonski was secure in his posh house in East Caracas with body guards, he sent members of ordinary citizens who oppose the government to go to the streets at night and to carry on with "demonstrations," pot-banging, screaming "fraud" and in many cases, attacking government institutions, PSUV headquarters, Chavista homes, missions, schools and hospitals throughout the country. The election on Sunday was followed by violence on Monday and Tuesday, leaving 9 people dead, 8 Chavistas shot to death and one woman burned to death with a molotov cocktail. The corporate media called them "peaceful demonstratons."

Up until now, we have reported that President Nicolas Maduro described this violence as an attempted coup. Many opposition readers (many residing in Miami) reacted negatively to our reports, calling us "naive" and "ignorant." Today, the government for the first time revealed an investigation that their intel services have been conducting since President Chavez' October 7, 2012 election victory..

Today we saw on television "El Gringo" - Timothy Hallett Tracy, naked from the waist up in handcuffs, arrested as one of the perpetrators of the US government's attempt to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Venezuela. This report by MINCI was broadcast today. Please keep in mind that the US government will continue it's attempt to foment violence, destabilization and civil war in Venezuela and they will not stop with this arrest. But this report demonstrates how President Maduro like President Hugo Chavez before him, continues to outmaneuver the imperialist agenda to gain control of Venezuela and our natural resources.

- Les Blough in Venezuela

April 25, 2013
Arrested US citizen tied to rightists' conspiracy
Venezuelan News Agency (AVN)

Caracas, 25 Abr. AVN.- Interior Relations, Justice and Peace minister, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, informed Thursday about the arrest of a US citizen named Timothy Hallett Tracy, who is allegedly tied to conspiracy of local right-wing sectors against democracy in Venezuela.

Actions carried out by Timothy Hallett Tracy, aka 'gringo,' are tied to far right groups which seek to destabilize Venezuela through attacks in the streets after the April 14 presidential elections.

Minister Rodriguez Torres said that the objective of the plan was to create chaos in the country to undermine the government, creating a violent scenario.

"It is important to inform the population about situations that have been occurring. We will show the reasons and ties they have to carry out a series of actions we have been living since the April 14 elections at night," Rodriguez Torres said at a press conference.

Since October, November and December 2012, he said, the National Bolivarian Service of Intelligence (SEBIN) started investigations on a plan named Connection April.

"All evidences we have gathered showed that the election day would come in complete normality; but once results were released by the National Electoral Council (CNE), right-wing candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski would refuse to accept it," the Minister detailed.

During investigations, Rodriguez Torres added, a US citizen was found deeply related to rightist young people who make up the so-called Operation Sovereignty.

"When this relationship was found, surveillance and monitoring started and we noticed that this person managed to infiltrate into revolutionary groups to get their protection, though he related with the far right," explained the Interior Relations, Justice and Peace minister.

This US citizen is presumed to be member of an intelligence agency. Also, he has been funded by foreign non governmental organizations (NGO's).

Connection April

Miguel Rodriguez Torres explained that the plan Connection April aimed at stirring actions after results of the presidential election were released and leading to a civil war.

"It was their objective, to lead us into a civil war. We have documents in proof of this, which they exchange through [electronic] chips. Messengers took them from La Castellana square (eastern Caracas) to gringo's house."

According to him, investigations revealed that the idea was to achieve a civil war in Venezuela to lead to the immediate intervention of a foreign power.

"Those were and continue to be their ends. We have over 500 videos seized in a raid. We wonder, Do housewives who voted for the opposing option want a civil war? Do taxi drivers want that? I am sure that nobody in this country, regardless of their stance, wants that, except these extremist groups headed by extremist leaders of rightist parties who want civil war," said the Miguel Rodriguez Torres.


At a press conference, minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres presented a video in which Antonio Rivero, retired general of the Armed Force, giving orders to people who disturbed public order at Altamira community, greater Caracas.

All evidence seized in a raid carried out last Wednesday night will be submitted to the corresponding organs.

The National Government has managed to act on time to continue guarantee peace and calm to the Venezuelan population thanks to intelligence actions nationwide, Rodriguez Torres stressed.

"The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, has emphasized that this country will always be on the road of peace and coexistence. It has to be an effort of all Venezuelans, regardless of our ideological and political stance. We have to reject and isolate these fascist factors that are trying to get Venezuelans to kill ourselves and to hate ourselves. We cannot allow that," insisted the Minister.

Source: Venezuelan News Agency (AVN)

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