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61.2% of Venezuelans approve Maduro's economic performance Printer friendly page Print This
By News Bulletin
Monday, Aug 19, 2013


Caracas, 19 Ago. AVN - The latest public opinion poll by International Consulting Services (ICS) indicates that 61.2% of Venezuelans have a positive view of President Nicolas Maduro's management of the economy.

The study, conducted between May 26 and August 1, asked, "how would you evaluate the management of President Maduro and his government to improve the national economy?" In response, 61.2% of respondents answered "excellent," "good," and "regular to good." Another 36% answered "regular to bad."

The survey was disclosed by journalist Jose Vicente Rangel in his weekly program on private television channel Televen.

Regarding whether the economy has improved since Maduro assumed the presidency, 42% said it is better, 21% said it is the same, and 36.85% said it is "a little worse."

Meanwhile, when asked if they believe the economic situation will improve, 60.3% said they are certain it will, while 21.1% said they believe the situation will worsen, 17.25% said it will stay the same, and 1.4% did not answer.

Concerning president Maduro's "Street Government" program, 73.8% of those surveyed said it is "very efficient," "efficient," or "somewhat efficient."

Meanwhile, 22% said it is inefficient and 4% said they did not know or did not answer.

President Maduro's management of the program was rated "excellent" by the 5% of those surveyed, while 31.6% called it "normal," and 3.4% did not express an opinion.

Family Economic Situation

The journalist also cited a recent survey by Hinterlaces conducted from July 13 to 21 with a sample of 1,300 people around the country.

That survey asked about the economic situation of individuals and families, and found that 60% of the population said the situation was "very good" or "good," while 38% called it "bad."

Regarding the "Street Government" program, 61% approved, while 32% disapproved.

Finally, asked about their political allegiances, 45% of respondents said they identified with Chavismo, 22% with the opposition, and 28.5% identified with neither one.

AVN 19/08/2013 14:04

Source: Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN)

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