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Maduro Moves to End the Coup with a Message to Obama Printer friendly page Print This
By News Release. Venezuelan News Agency (AVN)
AVN (Venezuelan News Agency). Axis of Logic
Sunday, Mar 16, 2014

Yesterday, March 15, President Maduro announced the final stage of ending the four and a half week fascist attacks on the people of Venezuela and their government. The president presented a 2 pronged strategy. The first, speaking directly to US President Barack Obama, asking him to "give peace a chance" and his proposal for a "A High Level Peace Conference" with a high commissioner from the US to meet with a representative of the Bolivarian Government. The second part of this final stage was to order the the fascists out of public places "within hours" or remain to be removed by the Venezuelan police and military.

The Venezuelan News Agency (AVN) reports in this Axis of Logic translation from the original into English.

- Axis of Logic

Caracas , Mar 15 AVN. -
The president of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, emphasized Saturday that the Venezuelan people are united in the civic-military force, which was reaffirmed with today’s massive mobilization involving civilians and members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

"We are going to start these words of reflection and a greeting with patriotic reaffirmation by singing the anthem of the homeland, the hymn of victory in the voice of Comandante Chavez, Glory to the Brave People, that unites this land in a civic-military force," said the Head of State on national radio and television network, in the The Heroes’ Promenade in Caracas.

Maduro recalled that a year ago, just at 2:00 in the afternoon, a day like today, was the wake in Los Pŕoceres teeming with people to bid farewell to Hugo Chavez:

"Exactly a year ago I passed by these sacred spaces for the last time, bidding farewell to the coffin of our eternal commander Hugo Chavez, and a year after the best tribute that we could do was to demonstrate in the street on the strength of the civic-military union in his honor and in honor of all the fallen in the struggle for independence and socialism."

In the company of the military family, the Head of State said this Saturday March 15 culminates the great national and international day in tribute to the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, having with the past March 5 being the first year of his passing.

"Long live the FANB, long live the sons and daughters of Chavez, who are the people of Venezuela. This extraordinary day today, March 15, is precisely a day that comes to culminate the day of national and international tribute to Comandante Chavez," he stressed.

As part of the legacy of the Comandante Chavez, President Maduro emphasized that the FANB is formed to defend the peace, independence and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.

"We want peace, we love the peace and our armed forces are formed to defend peace, sovereignty and independence of the Venezuelan people," he said.

Assassination Plan on the part of the U.S.

President Maduro also reported, that the United States government intends to implement a plan to assassinate him as an extreme measure to generate a crisis in the country.

Before this, President Maduro expressed to his counterpart in the United States: "You should know that it would be the worst mistake of your life signing a plan for the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro."

He said that this plan was "on a set of recommendations by the extremists", by the US State Department and the Pentagon that proposed Barack Obama to authorize and carry out the assassination and a coup in Venezuela.

"If one day they execute that plan the people and the United Armed Forces should stay in the streets and continue the revolution. And I urge that we extend the arms of the Revolution beyond this Venezuelan homeland."

Maduro commented that "there are US Embassy officials in Caracas who are making moves to end the Peace Conference. There are the staff at the Embassy who speak with political leaders such as Julio Borges to instruct him to join the coup d'état."

In this sense, he said: "You must decide President Obama, whether you are able to understand the strength of democracy in Venezuela, as you attempt to destroy it economically, politically and militarily."

He pointed out that all of Latin America and the Caribbean "is going to reject the measures of blockades and sanctions" that the United States tries to implement against Venezuela, "and we are going to defeat them, one by one".

High-level commission to respect sovereignty of Venezuela

The President proposed a high-level commission to respect the sovereignty and with it, the creation of a committee, chaired by the President of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, to treat the bilateral relationship with the United States on the basis of peace and respect for national sovereignty.

The Commission shall consist of a high commissioner of the United States government and a representative of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) for dialog concerning a foreign policy of peace between the two nations.

He therefore urged the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to give peace a chance and discard any proposal of a confrontation in Venezuela by the US State Department.

Maduro stated,

"Our song is peace, Obama. Give peace a chance, to life, to respect for the worthy Venezuelan people and not with the drums of interventionism. All across the country I called on the opposition not to participate in an intervention in Venezuela."

In the next few hours President Maduro will communicate with the President of Surinam, Desi Bouterse, as representative of UNASUR, in applying for support from South America with Diosdado Cabello empowered to begin the diplomatic liaisons for convening the Commission for the participation of the United States government.

He addressed the US President directly, "President Obama, with humility I convey this proposal and with humility it is instantly ordered. Do not be swayed by the bureaucracy of the State Department that has trapped John Kerry, Secretary of State."

Maduro invited Obama to lay the groundwork for "a new type relation between the United States, Venezuela and, if possible, Latin America, for the duration of the 21st century, to end the coups d'état and the threats against the Latin American people."

Last Thursday, Kerry once more disrespected the democratic government of Venezuela with meddlesome statements in dismissing the efforts of the Venezuelan Government to promote dialog, through the National Conference for Peace.

The American Secretary of State urged the Organization of American States (OAS) and international allies to intervene in the internal affairs of Venezuela. In spite of that, last week, the international agency (OAS) adopted a statement of solidarity with the Venezuelan government and the peace talks driven by President Maduro.

Since last February 12 fascist groups have murdered more than 20 people in the country and committed acts of vandalism in some of the municipalities governed by right wing mayors. This caused the wounding of hundreds and material damage to institutions and public roads, with the objective of a coup d'état to remove power from the people.

Chávez, the architect of the civic-military union

Comandante Hugo Chavez was the architect of the civic-military union for the accomplishments achieved by the people during the past 15 years. As an architect and worker he designed the powerful military civic union which had been attacked from all sides by the enemies of the homeland who have tried to tarnish and destroy it.

Maduro thanked God on behalf of the Venezuelan people, "for having sent before us in this historic time our Comandante Chavez, a man with the qualities of intelligence and greatness, whom we laid to eternal rest one year ago at his site at the Barracks on the Mountain overlooking Caracas".

Together with the people and members of the FANB, Maduro said: "It is only on the shoulders of popular consciousness that our people will walk free today and forever".

After this mobilization, ratifying the civic-military union of Venezuelans, Maduro stressed that during the past 15 years, Venezuela created "a powerful collective force, the awareness of the people, that will be maintained throughout the twenty-first century, but only if we can permanently renew our popular awareness of the struggle that we are giving for the independence of Venezuela".

Upon asking the people who would benefit from a division between the people and the armed forces, he responded: "Let’s be capable of responding with our own firm and consequent criteria, to each one of the questions that the struggle for our homeland poses for us these days”..

On the violent acts, perpetrated by the right, Maduro gave the guarimberos (rioters) only a few hours to leave the public places they have occupied in Plaza Altamira and on Avenida Francisco de Miranda, in the municipality of Chacao, Miranda state.

He added that he will take necessary actions to complete the clearing of these spaces that have been taken by fascist groups.

Directing the Victorious Revolution

The Head of State reiterated that this socialist process is being put in force one year after the burial of Comandante Chavez.

Maduro stated, "A year has passed and it has been shown that the popular force of the people has increased in awareness," recalling that the Venezuelan right-wing gambled on the dissolution of the revolutionary forces.

"Comandante Chavez, as your people and your soldiers we must tell you: Mission Accomplished! - the Bolivarian Revolution continues on its victorious course."

Translated by Axis of Logic

Source: AVN (Venezuelan News Agency)

© Copyright 2014 by

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