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Shale gas and the war in East Ukraine Printer friendly page Print This
By Victoria Parker in Ukraine, Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Saturday, Jul 12, 2014

The great economic interest the USA had in Ukraine appeared slightly muted due to sharp political events in the South-East. Although, if we examine more closely, the real reason underlying the non-stop bloodbath becomes very clear.

For years, American oil companies have been putting pressure on European countries, seeking to persuade them to develop shale gas. Despite Europe's dependence on the USA, there is quite solid resistance to this idea from the population of these countries. Bulgaria, France, United Kingdom, and Poland failed to endorse this project. Even Romania is going to introduce a moratorium on the exploration and production of shale gas.

Only Ukraine agrees.

The environmental impacts of shale gas are catastrophic. They include earthquakes, floods, groundwater pollution, and pestilence of marine animals, birds, and fish, streams of water boiling with methane, and poisoned drinking water and air. People that live nearby shale gas developments have observed poisoning, accompanied by headaches, loss of consciousness, they have neuropathy, asthma, cancer, and other diseases. Drinking water just cannot be drinking water anymore. It becomes murky, even black. If the water flowing from the tap can be burned, than what will happen to the people who consume it?


"so far there is no information about the means of disposing of thousands of cubic meters of fracturing fluid from several thousand wells, which will produce shale gas. Are they really going to be buried in the ground or discharged into water bodies? The experience of foreign companies in third world countries (Ukraine cannot even claim to be the one of them) shows that they are capable of environmental crimes (Ecuador, Nigeria, etc.) “ [see here]

This is particularly the case for Chevron and Shell, both of which have been implicated in major human rights violations in Nigeria. Chevron has been accused of recruiting and supplying Nigerian military forces involved in massacres of environmental protesters in the oil-rich Niger Delta, and Shell has faced charges of complicity in torture and other human rights abuses against the Ogoni people of southern Nigeria. [see here]

However, the “government of liquidators” (since their main function is to liquidate Ukraine) doesn’t care about such trifles. Their task is to sell and destroy the rest of what was once a naturally rich region, including natural resources, and then profiteer from it before quietly exiting the scene. However ... Who among those who exclaim their love of Ukraine is not also ready to sell it?

For the US, Putin’s blitz over Crimea was very painful for the reason of misguided expectations. Money was already invested into gas exploration in Crimea. Companies such as Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Repsol and Petrochina were going to develop their offshore energy assets.

Yanukovych’s government sold 5 provinces of Ukraine to the Anglo-Dutch company, Shell, and US Chevron for 50 years, with rights for renewal at their discretion.

Besides, last year Ukrainian government held a series of talks and agreements, such as:

  • With ExxonMobil on the study of hydrocarbons in the western Black Sea coast of Ukraine.
  • With the Italian energy company Eni on the development of unconventional hydrocarbons in the Black Sea.

On December 13, 2013 the well-known cookie giver, Victoria Nuland, made a speech at an international business conference organized by Chevron where she urged Ukraine to sign a new deal with the IMF, which "... will lead to an increase in foreign direct investment, which is so urgently needed in Ukraine." Based on who organized the conference, it is clear what kinds of investments are in question.


This year, negotiations took place between Chevron and the Ukrainian government on strengthening the development of shale in Western Ukraine, as well as the signing of an agreement between Royal Dutch Shell and the government of Yanukovych to study shale formations in Eastern Ukraine.

According to Article 2.5.3 of Agreement, the Ukrainian government has no right to refuse to renew this agreement.

Appendix 1 of the Agreement with the company «Shell» given the exact coordinates of the "Treaty Land" to be allocated for shale gas. This area mainly is Donetsk and Kharkiv provinces (approx. 7,886 square kilometers), including such major cities as Slavyansk, Izum, Barvenkovo​​, a huge chunk of Kramatorsk, part Druzhkivka and Balakley, as well as dozens and hundreds of smaller settlements.

According to Article 37.2 (b) of Agreement, properties of residents of these cities no longer belong to the residents. 

After the coup, companies and mediators have been removed and were replaced with another one - Burisma Holdings.

It’s enough to look at the official website of "Burisma", as if “Ukrainian” gas capacity, the largest gas producer in Ukraine, to understand the background of what is happening in Ukraine.

Here is the Board of Directors of the UKRAINIAN company. Don’t laugh.


  • Hinter Biden - the son of Vice President of the USA. Remember his Dad sitting on the president of Ukraine’s chair? I guess, they both, the father and the son, feel this country is nothing more but their own purchased property.
  • Devon Archer – the friend of Secretary of State John Kerry, Skull and Bones. Do we need any comments?
  • Alexander Kwasnevski, ex-president of Poland. One of those who supported Maydan in all possible ways. Poland actively participated in the formation of “Squads of Death” in the Ukraine in September 2013. Foreign Minister Sikorski invited 86 members of the "Right sector" to Poland for training in the police training center in Legionów.

No wonder the US government supports the bombing of Donbass, doesn’t see the thousands of refugees moving to the Russian borders, and stays blind and deaf to peoples' screams: “Save Donbass People from Ukrainian Army!” What for? They force this army and send them more equipment to help destroy the land that used to be the richest and most blooming republic of the Soviet Union.  It also explains why the Ukrainian Army makes targeted bombing of the infrastructure of the region. This seems to be the goal - to terminate as many people as possible, place another part of the people into concentration camps, and intimidate the rest so they will run to Russia. Those who are lucky to make it will find shelter in the brotherly country but some of them, on buses filled with women and children, will be cynically shot on their way to Mother Russia.

Look at the confidential document on Ukraine proposed by RAND that “President” Petro Poroshenko follows in his action toward East Ukraine. 

The document provides three stages of a military operation in eastern Ukraine, including total isolation of the region, mechanized ground assaults, air strikes, the usage of non-conventional weapons, and blockage of foreign information sources.

Believe or not. Your choice, but it all happens in Ukraine right now.

The heroic city of Slavyansk is situated in the center of Yuzovsky shale gas. We all know how selflessly rebels were fighting in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk for their freedom as every day we heard it in the news. The shale gas is the main reason for Americans to suppress the resistance of that city. Unluckily for the residents of this region, gas reserves over there are almost inexhaustible in quantity. The more people are killed and the more buildings are destroyed, the more gas wells can be drilled.

One more detail: Most businesses will be destroyed by bombing and the rest will cease to function as a result of signing the Association Agreement with the EU. This will significantly reduce the gas shortage in Ukraine.


Now, what would all of those monster-businessmen do if Novorossia wins and kicks out the National Guard occupiers from their homeland? Wow, they would lose money. What's that loss compare to the life of 4 year old Arseniy with over 30 shell fragments in his little head, or the lives of other children of Donbass? Those monsters have a dollar sign instead of  hearts. So, they do everything to not let the free Republic of Novorossia emerge.

Any war is all about money…

Maybe I am very naïve but I still believe the world can stop the bloody confectioner Poroshenko and his overseas bosses from genocide in the East of Ukraine for dirty pieces of paper.


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