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Ecuador siezes climate bus opposed to drilling Printer friendly page Print This
By Democracy Now
Democracy Now and YouTube
Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014

A caravan of environmental activists traveling to the United Nations climate summit in Lima, Peru, has been stopped by authorities in Ecuador and had their bus seized. Activists with the group Yasunidos departed from Quito on Monday to denounce the extraction of oil from Yasuni National Park, an area of the Amazon renowned for its biological diversity. The group says they were subjected to seven or eight stops in the first 24 hours of their trip, and ultimately stranded by the side of a highway last night, when authorities seized their bus. We go to Cuenca, Ecuador, where we’re joined by two guests: Elena Gálvez, coordinator of the climate caravan and a member of Yasunidos, a group that opposes oil drilling in Yasuni National Park; and Ariel Goodman, a journalist traveling with the caravan.

Please check back later for full transcript.

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