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Supine Stupidity characterizes Venezuelan Opposition Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales laughing from Caracas
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jun 5, 2015

Political blunders come in all shapes and sizes. Remember US Vice President Dan Quayle saying in Brazil that the “US condones torture” instead of “condemns” and the Great Communicator President Reagan saying, also in Brazil, that he sent “greetings to the Bolivian people”?

Last Saturday there was an unusual gaffe at a rally of the Venezuelan opposition. The rally itself did not live up to expectations as only about three thousand protesters turned up demanding the release of “political prisoners” currently imprisoned in the country.

But the temporary leader of the political party, Brave People’s Alliance (ABP), Richard Blanco, was giving an impassioned speech to the gathering trying to spark feelings of unity in an increasingly fractured opposition. To do this, he decided to use as a symbol the jersey of the Venezuelan National Soccer Team which is red wine color, or “vinotinto”.

While reaching the crescendo of his plea, he removed his shirt to reveal not the “vinotinto” jersey as he had just stated (la camisa de Venezuela) but the jersey of the Spanish national soccer team from the 2014 World Cup. He did not even stop speaking asking people to support this “symbol of unity” (from Spain) and, to be blunt, ended up reflecting the supine stupidity that has characterized the Venezuelan opposition for years.

Blanco was then interviewed on live TV standing there in his Spanish National Team Colors. There is just no shame with these opposition people who love the US and Spain but criticize Venezuela every day of the week.

One can theorize that Blanco inadvertently used the Spanish jersey; or was it a subliminal slip when he dressed himself that morning? We may never know; but for US readers, this would be akin to Obama using the US soccer team's shirt as a gimmick at a political rally and revealing his “jersey of unity” to be the colors of Russia!

Here is the video of Blanco making a fool of himself as social media went viral with this gaffe. (Perhaps Blanco really thinks that he is living in Madrid and not Caracas??!!)

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