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Hillary Lost – the World Won Printer friendly page Print This
By Siv O'Neall, Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts, one of the most reliable progressive Anglophone journalists wrote "the day after" under the heading "The Working Class Won the Election? What Kind of Trump Administration? "

 The US presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs. Hillary Clinton, an agent for the Oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump. This shows that the media and the political establishments of the political parties no longer have credibility with the American people.

The fundamentally most important thing in this conflictual situation where we are now, is six short words: We do not need an empire. The world has suffered during this unilateral regime for many decades, on an ever increasing level since 9/11. We have had enough of all these conflicts.

Now for the details. First a warning about how little we really know about Trump today, in November 2016. We know much more about Hillary Clinton since she has shown all her cards during her tenure as foreign minister (Secretary of State). What is needed now is united and strong pressure from the American people to make Donald Trump listen and understand. We do not want any more oligarchs who totally turn their
backs on the American people and just go on enriching the 1% – the multinational corporations and their executives. This has now been the norm virtually since the 1980s with the Reagan era, and Bill Clinton who followed in Reagan's footsteps – with gusto. This kind of politics has had a catastrophic effect on the lives of the working class and eventually even on the middle class, which is also a working class. The only ones who are not working are the "Big Money Men" who live on the work done by others, on stock market speculation and more or less shady money transactions. Those people have seen their capital increase to shameless multibillions.

The people have more clearly than ever before showed that an oligarchic regime does not carry water. Trump must remain a question mark until further notice, even if he claims that he intends to create jobs and reduce the horrendous economic inequality in the United States. He is of course a stalwart capitalist, but he also seems to be a realist who sees where the shoe pinches. And pinch it does, in the most disastrous way. He seems to be one of the very rare super-rich men who clearly recognize that the status quo would lead directly to Götterdämmerung.

Middle America sees Trump as a populist. His victory in 'the swing states' - Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa clearly shows that the working class sees in Trump a man who is on their side. The cry for more jobs became a sesame to stunning victories for the Republican candidate.

Now we'll soon see if he really is for the people. It was never very likely that he would surround himself with progressive and socially conscious advisers and men and women of his future government, but it might have been enough if they had been realists. It has rarely been as clear as it is now that a US-type of oligarchy, a super-rich class that lives exclusively on other people’s work – on workers who have no safety net or job security – can never work in the long run.

In the world's richest country, a large majority does not have access to the higher education they ought to have a right to. And this just for economic reasons. The wide-spread poverty in this rich country is a shameful reality. Good health care is inaccessible to the lower income holders or to the unemployed. The most basic human rights that European countries have taken more or less for granted since the Great Depression of 1929 are non-existent in the United States.

A society simply can not work in the long run under these conditions.

What we do know with some certainty is what can now hopefully be avoided with the defeat of Hillary Clinton. The hostility and the massive propaganda against Russia and Putin which reached hysterical and vulgar decibels in the Western media will probably become more low-toned, at least after the initial anti-Trump hysteria has died down. These media now stand there with egg on their face and they quite clearly feel embarrassed by their total lack of foresight.

The result of this US election in 2016 will definitely go down in history as a total fiasco for all the media and the oligarchs who own these media, the neoliberal neoconservative establishment, which Hillary Clinton was the tool for – with great conviction. It has become clear that the elections were rigged by both sides, and that the ‘Deep State’ was (and is) divided between the two candidates. It has also been proven by Greg Palast that millions of people didn’t get their votes counted, mainly people of one minority or another.[1]

Now, if Trump indeed gets any of his promises realized, we can first of all expect a rapprochement between Russia and the U.S. and the threatening cloud of a looming World War III may now dissolve. That I consider to be a sufficient reason to feel great relief that Hillary Clinton seems to be history. We can expect an end to the war in Syria, which is not a civil war but a war that was created and supported from beginning to end by the U.S. together with Israel, Saudi Arabia and some Gulf states. If all goes well, we must be able to hope for some sort of solution even to the chaos in Iraq, in Afghanistan, which is an even more complicated problem, and of course the incredibly shameful destruction of Yemen.

Reuters estimates that the war in Iraq by itself has cost U.S. citizens over $2 trillion. Nobel prize-winning economist, Joseph Stieglitz, sets the sum higher. He wrote a book titled ‘The $3 trillion War’.

It is uncertain whether the sanctions against Russia, which will run out on January 31, 2017 according to the latest renewal by EU, will or will not cease.

The Financial Times wrote on November 10 –

 “EU foreign ministers have been called to a special dinner on Sunday to discuss the consequences of Mr Trump’s unexpected victory, which has cast doubt on core strands of Europe’s foreign policy alignment with Washington.”

What has Russia been guilty of? A normal protection of their own people, the Russians, who were the vast majority in Crimea, a peninsula that had belonged to Russia from the seventeen-hundreds until 1954, when Khrushchev gave the peninsula to his native Ukraine. Crimea's population is for the large majority Russians and I have dealt with this subject in detail previously.[2]

We are in a desperate need of a global détente. The world can not go on living under the constant threat of annihilation. Expansionism and aggression with the overriding struggle for oil and fossil gas must give way to people's need for a decent life where constant fear of tomorrow won't have to be part of our lives, where we can live in security and enjoy the basic human needs for food, high-quality education and proper housing.

For the rich countries in the West these rights ought to be self-evident, but they ought to be standard in third-world countries as well. We can obviously not expect this to change with Trump as the future president. He himself is after all part of the 0.01% elite that runs the world. However, if he is honest in his promise to end the wars and the stand-off situation towards Russia, that would indeed be a first step to get the world out of the insane situation it is in at this point.

 However, the all over-reaching issue today is obviously the fight against global warming and the gradual destruction of our planet. Here Trump must, above all other concerns, be taught by wiser men and women than he himself that there is no putting off till tomorrow of this pressing issue. It must be faced and proper measures taken NOW.

Donald Trump should surround himself with advisers who are not hawks, who are not oligarchs, unless there are oligarchs who can change their skin when they see how the cookie crumbles. The big question now is “Can a leopard change its spots?”

Unfortunately, Trump has chosen people for key positions in his upcoming cabinet and top political positions who are precisely what we do not need. The question now on the table is whether Trump has a realistic view of what it will take to save the world from wars and destruction. At best, it might be possible for people with common sense to make it clear to him that the people he has chosen at this time for top-level positions are not what we need at this point. At worst, those people were chosen by the neocon super-hawks and bigots who make up the shadow government. If that’s the case, the only way to save the world would be that the Empire self-destroys. It is already on its way by crucially over-reaching in their ceaseless expansionist policies.

Americans right now express their disgust for the sleazy Donald Trump, but they have quite forgotten, or simply never realized, how incredibly scary Hillary's political platform was. Those who are strongly opposed to a future with Trump as America's next president should first of all realize what a future with Hillary would have been like. Feminist or not feminist (all thinking women, and men, are probably 'feminists', for women's equal rights). What should be of crucial importance to all of us is the fact that our planet will not survive yet more of an onslaught of destruction by wars and by unnatural biotech seeds and pesticides that will play hell with existing ecosystems.

Mrs. Clinton's criminal background through the Clinton Foundation should be decisive for our choice. But even without that, we would have to mention her war policies – her psychopathic and happily laughing scene caught on video after the unbelievably cruel torture and killing of Gaddafi, and the entire destruction of Libya. That war can be written to Hillary's account, even if she was helped by the then French president, Nicolas Sarkozy and NATO in general. Barack Obama was against the war, but he was pushed by Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, to go along with her war plans.

What was Hillary Clinton’s real platform? Subversion of all Latin-American countries – Venezuela (well on the way), Brazil (virtually finished case by the United States-supported opposition) – Paraguay (coup in 2012) and Argentina (coup in 2015) are already 'completed', the next country scheduled for a coup is Bolivia, which is already on the US list of "evil states". Iran is of course in turn to be obliterated, as Hillary promised.[3]

First of all, we must consider how African and Asian countries must regain their true sovereignty and their independence of big multinational corporations, a sovereignty which they finally got back from the colonizing Europeans after World War II, in many cases after shameless wars and great loss of lives. They must have the means to give their people decent livelihoods, instead of getting their natural resources expropriated by large multinational corporations. And this scandalous takeover of poor nations’ livelihoods by the oil and mining industries is only one part of the scandals brought on by neo-colonialism. Multinational agribusiness is another.

 On the other hand  Europe  has also come eerily close to total submission under the US Empire.

 If all goes well after this transition period in the U.S., Europe and Russia will soon be able to resume their peaceful mutual trade relations for the benefit of all – relations that were suddenly broken by the sanctions installed on Washington's orders after the Crimean crisis. These sanctions have met with resistance from several EU countries, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, just to mention one.[4] Washington will not be able to strangle Russia economically.[5] Europe has suffered more from these sanctions than Russia, since it simply turned to the east for their trade, primarily natural gas

US cooperation with ISIS in Syria (which is also supported by Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, etc.) is one more stain on Washington's list of dirty interventions in sovereign nations.

Under Trump, it looks pretty certain that EU will lose its present role as a virtual US colony and that NATO will lose most of its importance or it will be dissolved. This organization has no more raison d'être since Russia is an entirely peaceful country without expansionist ambitions – and is all set to cooperate with Europe.

The Kiev coup and the following Crimea uprising, the latest false-flag attempts by Washington to make Russia appear to be the aggressor, ended up as a total fiasco. Ukraine, at this time, is a 'lost state' and the world knows that Washington was the agent in this coup.

Trump promises cooperation with Putin instead of aggression, and this must be a compelling reason to vote for him for the sake of the world and to say good riddance to Hillary Clinton. The Western world has suffered for decades under Washington’s terrorism, which has always been strongly supported by the corporate mass media.[6] The world has had enough!

[2] JIT report on MH17 crash is pure fiction  (Siv O’Neall)

[3] Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.” (Global Research)

[4]" German Foreign Minister Steinmeier says extending Russia sanctions more difficult

An agreement on renewing sanctions against Russia when they run out on July 31 has become more difficult with growing opposition from some EU countries, Germany's foreign minister said on Thursday.

European Union economic sanctions against Russia were introduced for one year in July 2014 in response to its actions in Ukraine and twice extended in 2015.

"We are aware that resistance in the EU to extending the sanctions toward Russia has increased," Frank-Walter Steinmeier was quoted by Lithuania's BNS news agency saying in an interview.”

[5] Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance

[6] The New Media Monopoly shows that only 5 huge corporations Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch's News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom formerly CBS) now control most of the media industry in the U.S. General Electric's NBC is a close sixth.  Media Reform Information Center

Siv O'Neall is an Axis of Logic columnist, based in France. Her insightful essays are republished and read worldwide. She can be reached at

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