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Venezuelan Parliament Refuses to Recognize Dissolution by Constituent Assembly Printer friendly page Print This
By Staff Writers, Sputnik
Saturday, Aug 19, 2017

© AP Photo/ Ariana Cubillos

Members of the Venezuelan National Assembly refused on Friday to recognize the parliament's dissolution announced by the newly elected Constituent Assembly, initiated by the country's President Nicolas Maduro with the intention of rewriting the constitution.

Earlier in the day, the Constituent Assembly issued a decree stating that the body assumes the legislative functions of the National Assembly.

"The AN [National Assembly] board and lawmakers neither recognize nor abide by the dissolution that Maduro seeks to impose via the fraudulent ANC [National Constituent Assembly]," the National Assembly wrote in its Twitter blog, calling the move a "coup d 'etat" aimed against both National Assembly and the state's Constitution.

The National Assembly also noted that the decision on dissolution would be respected neither by the international community nor by the country’s people.

"We summon people for the morning, 10 a.m. local time [08:00 GMT] for a session in the Federal Legislative Palace. We will be accompanied by diplomatic corps, accredited in the country," the National Assembly added.

Venezuela plunged into turbulence in March, when the Venezuelan Supreme Court decided to restrict the power of the legislature. The decision was immediately reversed amid a backlash, but supporters of the parliament, who strive for the dismissal of the court members, took to the streets on April 4, marking the start of deadly protests which have so far claimed lives of over 120 people.

The protests were further fueled by the July 30 Constituent Assembly vote. Venezuela's opposition, as well as the European Union and the United States, among other countries, have refused to recognize the body's legitimacy.

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