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Venezuela Regional Elections: Victory from Below Printer friendly page Print This
By Les Blough | Klibis Marín
Axis of Logic | Ultimas Noticias
Monday, Oct 16, 2017

Chavistas won 18 of 23 states in Venezuela's gubernatorial elections today with an impressive 61.14 percent of eligible voters participating. It was another historic victory in spite of the brutal US war on the economy, the Washington-backed violence geared to the comprehensive and exhaustive media assault over the last few years, all aimed at overthrowing the government of President Nicolás Maduro. It hasn't worked - not with these people.

After all that the Venezuelan people have suffered, deprived of food and other essential products, violent attacks on their schools, hospitals & medical clinics, destruction of other public buildings, sabotage of their electrical grid, regular violent attacks by Colombian paramilitaries, having their elected leaders maligned, lied about and demonized, seeing their government resources diverted from production, services and development to defense, living with distress and fear in their daily lives and seeing their friends and loved ones maimed and killed simply because of their political views - despite all the suffering they have endured they supported their elected government yesterday and sent the US-backed right wing packing.

Venezuelans are among the most politically educated and geopolitically aware people in the world and they know from whence their suffering comes and that it's not by the hands of the leaders they've elected.

Malcolm X once stated, "No man gives up power willingly. It must be taken from him." Well Malcolm, your words are almost universally true but not so in the Bolivarian Revolution. With the new Constituent Assembly that over 8 million Venezuelans voted for in July, President Maduro brilliantly handed to the people true "power from below" and on Sunday they rewarded him and his administration with this nationwide victory.

When Barbara Walters interviewed our late President Hugo Chávez in New York a few years ago, she asked him, "Why do the people love you so?" Chávez answered, "It's really simple, it's because I love them. Love is reciprocal." We saw that reciprocity  today between the people and President Maduro who received his training and mission from "El Comandante."

But Venezuela not only rewarded their government of choice today. They also gave yet another lesson on participatory democracy to the world and demonstrated their resilience and the courage to stand up: to the Lords of War, the hostile US Congress, the Pentagon and CIA, the US Southern command, US installed enemies in neighboring Colombia hosting 7 US military bases and 13 other Latin American countries. For years on end the Venezuelan people and their leadership continued to stand up to  the capitalist matrix including Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the 3 Rating Agencies which arbitrarily downgrade Venezuela's credit rating in the face of its solvency, the Central Banks across the US and Europe, the European Union, NATO, Big Pharma, International Airlines and exporters in lockstep with US foreign policy, layers of US sanctions, OPEC traitors like Saudi Arabia and of course the masters of organized  deceit, the Corporate disinformation and entertainment industry, not to mention their having to tolerate the tirades and threats from Washington's idiot president, Donald Trump.

Vive Chávez! Vive Maduro! Vive El Pueblo!

  - Les Blough in Venezuela
Axis of Logic

October 15, 2017 10:10 P.M.
Chavismo devastated and won 17* governorships
Ultimas Noticias

Inline image 1

Klibis Marín
- The president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, reported on Sunday night the irreversible results of 22 states with the transmission of 95.8 of the data.

Miguel Rodríguez (Psuv) with 59.95% of the votes.

Antonio Barreto Sira (AD) with 52.01% 343445

Ramón Carrizales (Psuv) with 51.92%

Rodolfo Marco Torres (Psuv) with 86.53%

Argenis Chávez (Psuv) with 52.88%

Rafael Lacava (Psuv) with 51.95%

Margot Godoy (Psuv) with 55.48%

Victor Clark (Psuv) 51.86%

José Vasquez (Psuv) with 61.68%

Carmen Meléndez (Psuv) with 57.65%

Ramón Guevara (AD) with 41.05%

Hector Rodríguez (Psuv) with 52.54%

Yelitce Sanatella (Psuv) 43.94%

Nueva Esparta
Alfredo Díaz (MUD) with 51.81%

Rafael Calles (Psuv) with 64.24%

Edwin Rojas (Psuv) 59.89%

Laidy Gomez (AD) with 63.29%

Henry Rangel Silva (Psuv) with 59.9%

Julio León Heredia (Psuv) with 61.68%

Juan Pablo Guanipa (PJ) with 51.6%

Delta Amacuro
Liseta Hernández (Psuv) with 58.78%

Jorge García Carneiro (Psuv) with 52.35%

"From this moment the regional boards are authorized to proceed to the adjudication and proclamation of the winners," said the President of the Electoral Power.

"The Venezuelan people gave a great lesson to the whole world of what we are, worthy representatives of this country, exercising our sovereignty in peace and democracy through voting, to all and all congratulations," she said.

Source: Ultimas Noticias

*Update: In the final tally by the CNE today, Chavismo won 18 of 23 states.

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