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Venezuelan Food Company Caught Burying Alive Millions of Chicks Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales | Axis of Logic
Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017

As part of the economic war against the Venezuelan people, the chicks were killed instead of bred for consumption. | Photo: Reuters

The company Protinal Proagro, which has received millions of dollars from the Venezuelan state to invest in food production, has been caught burying alive millions of chicks to cause a shortage of this important foodstuff in the Venezuelan diet as part of the economic war against the population.

Carlos Herrera, Primicias 24 editor, carried out an important investigation which revealed that "what is happening in the process is that once the chicks are hatched and out of the incubators, they are not being dispatched to chicken farms to grow and mature and then distributed into the food chain on the national level ... but they are being diverted and buried alive in mass graves so as to contribute to the shortage of chicken and eggs for the population and by extension cause price rises and inflation.”

Herrara obtained documents proving that the chicks were fit for human consumption.

This is a clear indication that Venezuelan entrepreneurs are deeply involved in the economic war against their own fellow compatriots. A few months ago the egg distribution company Ovomar allowed over six million eggs to rot in their installations instead of distributing them to shops and supermarkets. In 2003 during the oil industry lock-out and sabotage, private companies dumped millions of gallons of fresh milk into rivers to make the population suffer.

Watch a short video showing the dumping of the chicks into a prepared trench ...

This is the latest criminal activity directed against the government to undermine its popularity and at the same time cause hunger in the population in the context of the economic war against the country.

On Saturday night, on the program called La Hojilla, the case of Protinal was once again covered even though it happened over a month ago. According to the program’s moderator Mario Silva, Protinal has buried more than 100 million chicks alive in 2017 alone. There are witnesses and video evidence. No penal action has been taken against the company or its owners. Hopefully, this will change soon.

This is a war being waged both from abroad and internally by lackeys of the U.S. empire and powerful external forces. It is a war and thus must be treated as such and the government has to have the courage and commitment to treat it as such and act accordingly. It is obliged to protect the population from the inevitable effects that the economic war has had and will continue to have against millions of innocent civilians.

Arturo Rosales writes from Caracas for Axis of Logic. This article appeared first on teleSUR.

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