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Ex-Prime Minister Zapatero Criticizes Venezuelan Opposition Printer friendly page Print This
By Staff Writers | teleSUR
Friday, Feb 9, 2018

Former Spanish prime minister Jose Luis Zapatero is among the many international observers participating in the mediation process between Venezuela and its opposition forces. | Photo: EFE

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero strongly criticizes the Venezuelan Opposition’s failure to seal the deal with government officials over the national peace agreement in a letter published by EFE Wednesday.
Dear Sir:

After two years of tireless effort for a peaceful, democratic coexistence, to overcome the economic and social problems of Venezuela, and with the spirit of reconciliation among all Venezuelans, and after a huge effort of dialogue, sponsored in recent months by the exemplary efforts of the president and the chancellor of the Dominican Republic, and accompanied by a group of allies, a basic consensus was reached for a great agreement, which represents a real and courageous hope for the future of Venezuela, materialized in a document presented to the parties that responds to the essential proposals discussed during months, namely, the agreement in an electoral process with guarantees and consensus on the date of the elections, the position on the sanctions against Venezuela, the conditions of the Commission of the Truth, the cooperation before the social and economic challenges, the commitment for an institutional normalization and the guarantees for the fulfillment of the agreement, and the commitment for a fully normalized operation and development of democratic politics.

I find it shocking that the document was not signed by the opposition representation. I do not agree with the circumstances and the reasons, but my duty is to defend the truth and my commitment is not to give up on the achievement of a historic commitment among Venezuelans.

That is why I ask you, thinking of peace and democracy, that your organization formally endorse the agreement that I send you, once the government has committed to scrupulously respecting what was agreed.

I ask this request from my deep conviction in the need of this agreement and from my commitment to its completion.

I await your favorable response;

Best wishes,

According to Dominican President and mediator Danilo Medina, the opposition delegation  "did not understand" that the signing of the final peace agreement would be on Tuesday, while the Venezuelan government did come to the meeting with the intention of signing the document in the presence of international observers.

Earlier on Wednesday, Medina announced that dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the country's right-wing opposition has entered a stage of indefinite recess given that an agreement has not been signed by the latter.

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