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All possible angles to spark a coup d'état are being promoted in Venezuela Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jan 18, 2019

The "declarations" by alleged Venezuelan soldiers in Peru refusing to recognize the Presidency of Nicolás Maduro is yet another element of the media war against Venezuela. Such declarations make good news copy, but it is probable that these soldiers are deserters and are in self-imposed exile in Peru.

In fact, it must be more than a coincidence that the Venezuelan embassy in Lima was recently attacked and is now closed until the Peruvian government can guarantee its security. All consular services are suspended, as they were in Miami after some lunatics harassed and threatened the Venezuelan consul there a few years ago.

Let the Lima Group, the US, Canada and Europe support Juan Guaidó as "interim president" as it means not recognizing any of the other state institutions in Venezuela. What are they going to do - install him as a puppet after invading the country? When 148 countries actually recognize the President and Russia is warning the US off interfering in Venezuela affairs both politically and economically? If Guaidó were to be installed irregularly, the perpetrators would have a civil uprising on their hands, if not a civil war.

Venezuelan opposition groups have been sending out communications via WhatsApp announcing demonstrations against Maduro all over the world in various cities - from Miami to Madrid to Melbourne. They have done this before, when Chavez was being "demonized" and normally a few people turn up shouting slogans.

We will have an idea if the opposition is rallying any support on 23 January as the "interim president", Guaidó, called for marches against Maduro in Venezuela. In addition, the National Assembly that is in contempt of Supreme Court rulings - meaning all its decisions are null and void - has passed a document effectively calling for the police and military to perform a coup against Maduro.

My guess is that there will be some arrests fairly soon to quash these traitors as the the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Constituent Assembly, Saul Ortega, stated yesterday in an interview on Union Radio.

As far as there being an impressive turnout in the street supporting the opposition on 23 January, this is doubtful as all sectors of society have to struggle to subsist in Venezuela at present. This is thanks to the economic war, hyperinflation and blockade against the population, that have all been organized and executed by the US and its political opposition lackeys in Venezuela in a fruitless bid to gain power.

Readers of Axis of Logic should be aware that this attitude and behavior of the Venezuelan opposition with the backing of foreign powers is far from democratic. The opposition refused to participate in: the recent local council elections; in the 20 May 2018 presidential elections that were brought forward at the opposition behest; in the mayoral elections of December 2017; and refused to sign a political agreement to work for the country in the Dominican Republic in early February 2018.

Now they have returned to their normal coup-mongering behavior saying that with the current National Electoral Council that democratic elections are not possible in Venezuela. This National Electoral Council is the same one that organized and presided over the December 2015 National Assembly elections that the opposition won by a landslide. There were no complaints about the make-up of the Electoral Council when they won.

The opposition cannot win democratically and the history of all elections and referendums in Venezuela since December 1998 proves this point: So far there have been 25 national elections and the running score is Chavismo 23 - Opposition 2.

In the final analysis, it is the US that wants a compliant government in Venezuela mainly due to the strategic oil supplies here. And it is the National Assembly in contempt of the Supreme Court and its "useful idiot" president, Juan Guaidó that are doing the bidding of a foreign power against their own nation and countrymen.

If justice were functioning in Venezuela, all 73 opposition deputies that voted to classify Maduro as a "usurper" and call for a coup - all would already be behind bars waiting to be tried and condemned for High Treason - which carries a mandatory jail sentence of 16 years under the Venezuelan penal code.

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