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By RT Documentaries
Saturday, May 11, 2019

I have had the good fortune to spend a few days exploring the Hermitage (it is comprised of six connected buildings, including Catherine the Great's Winter Palace). If it is possible to be overpowered by beauty, this is the place it could happen. The gallery is the second largest in the world and has a huge collection from many lands and eras. I've been to many galleries elsewhere (New York, Madrid, Moscow, Helsinki, and so on) and as stunning as they are, they can't match the Hermitage.

On the assumption that most readers will never get there, here is a virtual tour.

The film below
goes behind the scenes of the former imperial palace on the Neva River to meet volunteers of all kinds...including cats. This is what you will NOT see, even if you ever do make your way to St Petersburg.

- prh, ed.

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