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Dady Chery
Dady Chery grew up at the heart of an extended working-class family in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She emigrated to New York when she was fourteen and since then has traveled throughout the world and lived in Europe and several North American cities. She writes in English, French, and her native Créole. She holds a doctorate. Contact the Author

  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    Editor's Note: Axis of Logic first published this article in English on August 15, 2011. Due to requests from Haitian readers and others, we have asked Dady Chery to translate her essay into French which she kindly agreed to do. Her translation into French follows the English version. - Les... » read this article
  • Lionel Lafortune & Ambassador Canino. Translated for Axis of Logic by Dady Chery , Haiti Progrès. Axis of Logic (Translation)

    Translated from Haiti Progrès for Axis of Logic by Dady Chery* July 19, 2011 This interview was conducted on the 200th anniversary of the independence of Venezuela. In recent years Venezuela has consistently provided Haiti with invaluable support and obviously has not forgotten the support given to help free herself from... » read this article
  • Henry Moreigne (Le Monde). Dady Chery. Axis of Logic , Le Monde (French). Axis of Logic (English Translation)

    (Translated from French (Le Monde) for Axis of Logic by Dady Chery) June 7, 2011 The French media have said little in favor of the victory by leftist-nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala over Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, in Sunday’s Peruvian presidential elections. The elections revived a scandal about... » read this article
  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic. , Axis of Logic

    "American military will not be sent to Haiti in advance of the election results," U.S. embassy speaker Jon Pietchowski answered last Friday when confronted with rumors that U.S. soldiers were en route to Haiti to enforce security on the announcement of the presidential and legislative election results. To emphasize his... » read this article
  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    According to various news reports, the Haitians who voted or were eligible to vote last Sunday in the country’s presidental and legislative elections numbered 4.7 million -- a remarkable figure in light of Haiti’s total population of 9 million. The Haitian press, which normally relishes facts such as these, is... » read this article
  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    Welcome Back Aristide! In Haiti, “The carrots are cooked!” we cheerfully say to announce when a stew is ready.  Dr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide is due back home at 8:00 a.m. today.  He and his family, together with their good friend Danny Glover, left Pretoria on a private airplane.  The excitement is... » read this article
  • Clarens Renois, AFP , The Montreal Gazette

    Editorial Note: South Africa has been the most recent impediment to Jean-Bertrand Aristide's return to Haiti.  Cuba has been helping to counter the pressures against his return from the US, France, and Brazil.  Today Aristide's lawyer announced that South Africa gave the green light, and he answered "yes" when asked if Aristide would be... » read this article
  • Gotson Pierre, Francesca Theosmy et Ronald Colbert (French). Translated by Dady Chery for Axis of Logic. , Axis of Logic. Alterpress (French)

    Introduction Since the 1980’s, a series of Haitian administrations have systematically destroyed Haiti’s agriculture in return for U.S. aid.  As a result, Haiti’s production of its own food has dropped from over 80% to less than 40%.  This has caused real hunger.  One of the first blows was the extermination... » read this article
  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic. BBC News Bulletin

    Editorial note: Like the US, the Dominican Republic is deporting Haitians back to the cholera epidemic. The DR has made out nicely as a venue for donors conferences since the earthquake.  In addition, it has served as a conduit for aid into Haiti and a porous border for child trafficking,... » read this article
  • Le Temps interviews Ricardo Seitenfus. Translated for Axis of Logic by Dady Chery. , Axis of Logic

    Introduction: Brazilians continue to be the biggest contingent in MINUSTAH (Mission des Nations Unies pour la Stabilisation en Haiti) despite disapproval of this neocolonialist army by the great majority of Brazilians.  Here Mr. Ricardo Seitenfus, the departing Brazilian representative to the OAS, speaks his mind about the UN and NGO... » read this article
  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    To hear it all, one would think that the Haitian electoral fraud happened yesterday. In fact, the fraud went down many months ago, when a corrupt electoral comission (CEP) with U.S., Canadian and French financial backing, banned the most popular political party Lavalas from the elections. Without exception, all 18... » read this article
  • Dady Chery. Axis of Logic. , Axis of Logic

    Dollars for Every Haitian with Cholera.  The UN and 42 NGOs are asking to be paid $607 dollars for every Haitian to be contaminated with cholera.  That’s right.  The exact numbers are 164 million dollars for 270,000 Haitians to be contaminated.  Do the math. There is money in cholera. The... » read this article
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