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Poems about Justice and Human Rights
  • Gilbert "Gil" Scott-Heron. Blqlite Channel. , Blqlite's Channel on You Tube

    Gilbert "Gil" Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011) was an American poet, musician, and author known primarily for his work as a spoken wordperformer in the 1970s and 80s, and for his collaborative soul works with musician Brian Jackson. His collaborative efforts with Jackson featured a musical fusion... » read this article
  • William James Martin. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

      Where are the Israeli poets? Where are the Israeli poets? Those who would search their dreams For memories lost or Denied Those who would look inward To see the archetypes of shadows Fleeing In the night Or who would search the rocky landscape of the mind To see those... » read this article
  • Remi Kanazi. Poetic Injustice , Poetic Injustice and Axis of Logic

    Editor's Note: Remi Kanazi* read his A Poem for Gaza in a performance video last May in Nablus at Palfest (the Palestine Festival of Literature). The video has not yet been released in other venues but he kindly submitted his poem and his reading of it first - to Axis of Logic. We publish it... » read this article
  • Fred E. Foldvary (essay). Ah, ça ira!: Words by Ladré, Music by Bécourt , The Progress Report

    Bastille Day by Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor The Progress Report July 14 is celebrated as Bastille Day in France. The Bastille was a prison in Paris, which the people stormed and seized in 1789, starting the French Revolution that toppled King Louis XVI and the aristocracy. As a historical... » read this article
  • Mankh. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

      GETTING THROUGH   empty storefronts like lost teeth   time bubbles   hollow aftermaths   chains unlinked folks gone home some searching   they say that Davids topple Goliaths and turtles take the race   yet getting through is what makes us wonder how much we can smile with... » read this article
  • John N. Cooper ,

    Burial Sight   Barefoot and naked, not yet two years old, the waif of our love, she took into the field behind the barn.   There bound, hand and foot, upon the cold damp sod, she knelt it - knowing eyes, filling with hurt and fear, turned toward her -;... » read this article
  • Kona Lowell ,

    I Hear America Cheering The baton comes down on shrinking flesh then another then another then another A powerless hand goes up in vain to ward off this pelting, pitiless rain hard, inexorable, cruel as hope The hand is broken a futile umbrella against the tempest remorseless roaring its power,... » read this article
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