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Correo del Orinoco
  • Héctor Lozano (first article); Paul Dobson (second) , AFP and Correo del Orinoco.

    Venezuela: Mock elections carried out without hang-ups Friday, August 10, 2012 - In a process that was marked by efficiency, professionalism and complete normalcy, Venezuela’s National Electoral Commission (CNE) successfully completed its first rehearsal of October’s presidential elections last Sunday. The mock elections were held in 55 voting centers around the... » read this article
  • Radoje Jovanovic , Correo del Orinoco

    In Venezuela over the weekend, internationally-acclaimed author, activist, and intellectual Tariq Ali highlighted the importance of Venezuela´s Bolivarian Revolution and socialist President Hugo Chavez. Visiting the country to participate in anniversary celebrations for Telesur, the Caracas-based Latin American news media, the respected British Pakistani historian spoke at the national headquarters... » read this article
  • News Bulletin , AP via Correo del Orinoco

    The Air Force general responsible for US military operations in most of Latin America said Tuesday that he does not believe Venezuela, despite ongoing arms purchases and close ties to Iran, poses a national security threat to the United States. General Douglas Fraser was asked if he thought Venezuela’s newly... » read this article
  • Special Report , Presidential Press via Correo del Orinoco

    As part of the Chavez administration’s drive for greater financial security and economic sovereignty, 14 tons of Venezuela’s gold reserves once held outside the nation were brought back home last Monday, concluding the government’s plan to repatriate 160 tons of the precious metal from foreign banks. The shipment arrived at... » read this article
  • P/Agencies. T/COI , Correo del Orinoco

    "While most recommendations were favorable, including a suggestion by Nicaragua that “the revolutionary policies of the Venezuelan government be strengthened so that all Venezuelans can fully enjoy their fundamental rights”, other countries such as the United States, France, and Israel criticized what they said were limitations of “freedom of expression”... » read this article
  • Editorial , Correo del Orinoco via Venezuela Analysis

    This week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called on all individuals, organizations, and social movements committed to the Bolivarian Revolution to join the “Great Patriotic Pole”, a grassroots coalition tasked with achieving a sweeping victory in next year’s presidential elections. Speaking at a Council of Ministers meeting on Saturday, Chavez told... » read this article
  • Eva Golinger , Correo del Orinoco

    The Venezuelan government, together with the private sector and international partners, is finding creative solutions to the nation’s housing deficit, including the construction of new, communal-oriented cities. Pushing forward with its large-scale public housing program that seeks to construct two million new homes in the next 6 years, the Venezuelan... » read this article
  • Eva Golinger. T/COI. P/Agencies , Correo del Orinoco

    Under the Chavez administration, human rights have been substantially increased and expanded in order to guarantee the population not just civil and political rights, but also economic, social and cultural rights Venezuela stands “at the vanguard” of “respect for and enforcement of human rights; be it civil, political, economic, social,... » read this article
  • Eva Golinger. Correo del Orinoco. , Correo del Orinoco

    (Statement from the Venezuelan Government Appears Below) Venezuela’s government strongly rejected the Obama administration’s attempt to sanction its state-owned oil industry, PDVSA, and interrupt its relations with other nations. Latin American nations and groups worldwide have expressed support for Venezuela’s defiant stance.   “Sanctions against the homeland of Bolivar? Imposed... » read this article
  • Edward Ellis. Presidential Press , Presidential Press via Correo del Orinoco

    After heavy rains left tens of thousands homeless in Venezuela, the government is providing humane solutions. Humane Solutions New homes were provided this week for hundreds of Venezuelans displaced by the rains last month, as constructions began nationwide to solve the country’s housing problems. New “socialist” restaurants and shops were inaugurated... » read this article
  • Edward Ellis , Correo del Orinoco International

    In 2005, UNESCO affirmed that more than 95 percent of the Venezuelan population is literate, qualifying the country for the title of “Territory Free of Illiteracy”. The free government program, Mission Robinson, is largely responsible for the success, teaching more than 1.5 million people to read and write in the... » read this article
  • Eva Golinger, Editor , Correo del Orinoco

    Editor's Note: This English edition of Eva Golinger's weekly, Correo del Orinoco International, is loaded with the latest hard-hitting news from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This week's issue provides clear explanations of how an economic war is being waged against the revolution, of the current status of Venezuela's national... » read this article
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