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By Axis Editorial Board
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Sep 22, 2005

Dear Axis of Logic Ezine Subscribers,
Welcome to Axis of Logic - a journal of essays, poetry and visual arts by volunteer editors, writers and artists from around the world. Thank you for subscribing, reading and supporting Axis of Logic. Please feel free to share this Axis E-zine with your friends and encourage them to subscribe! This edition of the Axis Ezine includes a generous sampling of articles from which to choose at the readers' pleasure.


Axis of Logic Editors
Boston, MA (USA)

"The teaching of the Great Learning is to manifest one's illustrious virtue, love the people, and rest in the highest good. ... The ancients who wished to manifest illustrious virtue throughout the world, first ordered well their own states. Wishing to order well their own states, they first regulated their own families. Wishing to regulate their own families, the first cultivated their own selves. Wishing to cultivate their own selves, they first rectified their own minds. Wishing to rectify their own minds, they firs sought for absolute sincerity in their thoughts. Wishing for absolute sincerity in their thoughts, they first extended their knowledge. This extension of knowledge consists in the investigation of things.
"Things being investigated, only then did their knowledge become extended. Tehir knowledge being extended, only then did their thought become sincere. Their thought being sincere, only then did their mind become rectified. Their mind being rectified, only then did their selves become cultivated. Their selves being cultivated, only then did their families become regulated. Their families being regulated, only then did their states become rightly governed. Tehir states being rightly governed, only then could the world be at peace."
- The Great Learning, by Tseng Tzu from
 Short History of Chinese Philosophy


"Can a criminal court for Yugoslavia, which ignores pervasive violence by the U.S. and diverts public awareness from United States conduct and legitimize by silent acceptance aerial and missile attacks on civilians and illegal weapons use against one country after another, making its repetition expected before it occurs, contribute to the hope for the rule of law, justice and peace?
"The United States, itself immune from control or prosecution and above the law, uses its power to cause the persecution of its enemies it selects to terrorize and further demonize. It manufactures and sells arms to chosen nations, to groups seeking to overthrow governments it opposes, uses illegal weapons against defenseless people with impunity, continues to consolidate and expand its near monopoly of nuclear weapons and sophisticated rocketry, spends trillions on unilateral protection from Star Wars, assuring a continued arms race while poverty overwhelms billions, hunger cripples millions, starvation takes hundreds of thousands of lives and AIDS spreads among poor nations.
"It cripples international environmental protection, undermines control of nuclear weapons by threatening to withdraw from long-standing protections of ABM and Non-Proliferation treaties. It refuses to ratify treaties to protect life from land mines, which it continues to manufacture, sell and deply. It threatens to undermine a treaty controlling biological and chemical warfare. And the United States regularly engages in covert operations and violent military interventions in other nations in violation of their sovereignty and law."
- President Slobodan Milosevec from
Hidden Agenda U.S/NATO Takeover
of Yugoslavia
, 2002

Axis of Logic's "Enemy Series"

Who is the Enemy?
Les Blough, Editor
Where Dwells the Enemy?
Zdzislaw Zmijewski, Columnist
The Enemy Next Door
Paul Harris, Editor
Our Neighbor - The Enemy
Carlos Herrera, Columnist
Astonishing the Enemy
By Gary Steven Corseri, Author and Poet
Axis Featured Poem


"We will fight for Venezuela, for Latin American integration and the world. We reaffirm our infinite faith in humankind. We are thirsty for peace and justice in order to survive as species. Simón Bolívar, founding father of our country and guide of our revolution swore to never allow his hands to be idle or his soul to rest until he had broken the shackles which bound us to the empire. Now is the time to not allow our hands to be idle or our souls to rest until we save humanity."

- Hugo Chavez Frias, President
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
United Nations Speech, September, 2005


President Hugo Chavez Frias Speaks at the United Nations
(Videos in English & Spanish) - United Nations

Text of President Chavez' speech at UN General Assembly (in Spanish and English)
President Hugo Chavez Frias, Agencia Bolivaria de Noticias and (translated by Néstor Sánchez)
National UK trade union officially support the Bolivarian Revolution (English & Spanish)
Nick Kelleher, translated by Néstor Sánchez Cordero
Venezuelan Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI)
Where is the evidence? Brainwashing the masses.
Carlos Herrera in Caracas, Axis of Logic

A Revolution that allows you to see hope in the eyes of millions
Andy Goodall, Coordinator Venezuela Solidarity, U.K.
Axis of Logic Exclusive


Our an omen of our destiny, and the more integrity we have and keep, the simpler and nobler that destiny is likely to be.

- George Santayana

U.S. Military
U.S. Military Deaths Top 1,900 in Iraq
Steven R. Hurst, -Associated Press
"What happened last night is very disturbing to all of us, and it should be really disturbing to America, ... Because no matter what you think about the war, we should all honor the sacrifice of the ones who have fallen. And to me it's so ironic that I'm accused of dishonoring my son's memory, by doing what I'm doing, by the other side, and then somebody comes and does this."

- Cindy Sheehan 



The poverty of our century is unlike that of any other. It is not, as poverty was before, the result of natural scarcity, but of a set of priorities imposed upon the rest of the world by the rich. Consequently, the modern poor are not pitied...but written off as trash. The twentieth-century consumer economy has produced the first culture for which a beggar is a reminder of nothing.

- John Berger



Children in Poverty in the United States
NCCP Report, -National Center for Children
in Poverty in the U.S., Colombia University

Latin America
The Cuban Revolution and Venezuela
Germán Sánchez, Ocean Press



"There's no such thing as legacies. At least, there is a legacy, but I'll never see it."

-George W. Bush, speaking to Catholic leaders
at the White House, January, 2001

"The true history of my administration will be written 50 years from now, and you and I will not be around to see it."

- George Walker Bush, interview with
Trude Feldman, October, 2004

The Buildup to the Iran-Iraq War
Malcolm LaGauche (Jeff Archer), LaGaouche Is Right

"Yes, the idea of a pigheaded soldier who will obey orders, and fire on his own father at the command of an officer, is a great comfort to the aristocratic mind."
- Thomas Carlyle


United States 


"What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay in Texas. Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this (chuckle) – this is working very well for them."

Barbara Bush, mother of George W. Bush
Former First Lady Barbara Bush, on the
hurricane evacuees at the Astrodome
in Houston, Sept. 5, 2005


Editors, Troops Out Now! and Axis of Logic
Cindy Sheehan Responds to George Bush
as the Antiwar Movement moves toward a critical mass

Cindy Sheehan and Axis editorial comment, -Buzzflash via Uruknet
On Prairie Chapel Road, the Second Visit
Leigh Saavedra, Crisis Papers
No War But Class War!
Beth Moore, Axis of Logic


Oh, teach me the meaning of tenderness, dear skies,
Through the unfurling ribbons of your embrace.
Whisper to me the ethics of being lean,
In my feasting celebration for life.

- Darrell B. Grayson on
Alabama's Death Row


Death Penalty
Civil Rights/Human Rights


Featured Poetry

"Who Remembers This?"
 Patricia Dubrava, Axis of Logic

Between Two Countries
Nesreen Melek, Axis of Logic


Global Corporate Empire

The Corporate Empire Rules the Planet: A View from Europe 
Siv O'Neall, Lyon, France, Axis of Logic



An Oil Panic in Plain Sight
Sean Brodrick w/ Axis editorial note, -The Daily Reckoning


Science, Nature and the Environment
Patagonian ice in rapid retreat
Jonathan Amos , BBC

Peru's glaciers in retreat
Hannah Hennessy , BBC

Cheerleading the Climate Criminals
Special Report, Media Lens

"The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decisions, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now".
- Goethe  

Please consider contributing to Axis of Logic with your time and donations. 

Peace and Solidarity, 

The Axis of Logic Group
A Boston-based, Global Network
September, 2005

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