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By Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic
Friday, May 21, 2004

May, 2004
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Dear Readers,
Axis of Logic was launched one year ago on May 18, 2003.  Since that time our growth in traffic has increased beyond any of our expectations.  We have posted, published and archived thousands of articles on news and commentary, poems, works of fine art and other content in the last 12 months.  A number of excellent writers and analysts now generously contribute their original work on a regular basis for publication in Axis of Logic.  Each day we receive hundreds of letters daily from readers, researchers and writers who offer their comments and their work for publication.  Currently there are 3 full-time editors on the Axis Editorial Board: Beth Henry, Manuel Valenzuela and myself. During our first year of operation, we have learned much and have honed our design, research, writing and editing skills.  Based upon letters received, many readers have come to value Axis of Logic as a primary source of news and information.  Most recently, we have added a number of new features to Axis of Logic, including our news sections (U.S. News and World News).  We now are currently developing and training 2 News Reporters for the Axis Ezine.  We plan to purchase our own dedicated server in the near future and adding web-casting as a service to our readers.
We have been doing all of this work on a volunteer basis. During our first 12 months on the Internet, we have not invited financial contributions. This month, we will be introducing for the first time an invitation for our readers to help support Axis with volunteer work and monetary donations.
But more than any to any other, we want to express our gratitude to you, the reader, writer and researcher who contribute daily to Axis of Logic. You are helping to build an international Ezine that helps inform, educate and stimulate self-examination, curiosity and hope among the weary masses around the world.

Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic
Boston, MA (USA)

He who travels far will often see things
Far removed from what he believed was the Truth.
When he talks about it in the fields at home,
He is often accused of lying,
For the obdurate people will not believe
Inexperience, I believe,
Will give little credence to my song.
Journey to the East, Hermann Hesse



" 'Duvalier has performed an economic miracle,' remarked a Haitian of his country�s dictator. 'He has taught us to live without money � eat without food � to live without life.' And when Franois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier�s voodoo magic wore thin, he could always count on the US Marines to continue his people�s education ...

"What does the government of the United States do when faced with a choice between supporting: (a) a group of totalitarian military thugs guilty of murdering thousands, systematic torture, widespread rape, and leaving severely mutilated corpses in the streets ... or (b) a non-violent priest, legally elected to the presidency by a landslide, whom the thugs have overthrown in a coup? ... But what if the priest is a 'leftist'?"

- From Killing Hope, by William Blum


Haiti & Venezuela
Haitians, Venezuelans unite against U.S. war
Minnie Bruce Pratt, New York, -Workers World
''You say you want a revolution?''
Paul Harris , -Yellow Times (first posted on October 18, 2002)


Too young to have learned what sorrow means,

Attired for spring, she climbs to her high chamber. . . .

The new green of the street-willows is wounding her heart -

Just for a title she sent him to war.

- Wang Changling


Dogs of War Fighting over the spoils: Chalabi going down.
Roger Hardy, BBC & editorial comment by Les Blough
Our man in Baghdad: his gray eminence, John Negroponte
W. E. Gutman, -Axis of Logic Exclusive
Power and vainglory
John Gray, -The Independent (UK)


There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue. Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass.

Commit a crime, and it seems as if a coat of snow fell on the ground, such as reveals in the woods the track of every partridge, and fox, and squirrel.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


U.S. Military
Outsourcing interrogation: the legal vacuum:
Not all the reported perpetrators were actually members of our military and thus not all wore the uniform.

Peter W Singer, -The Daily Times (Pakistan)


He harms himself who does harm to another, and
the evil plan is most harmful to the planner.

- Hesiod, Works and Days


Calling Satan's Hand
J. W. Hackett, -Contributed by the poet to Axis of Logic 


The United States is a nation of laws:
badly written and randomly enforced.

Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993)


United States
The Axis of Fear
Zdzislaw Zmijewski , -Axis of Logic Exclusive



Dirge for Authentic America
Zdzislaw Zmijewski, -Axis of Logic Exclusive



In America ... I have seen the freest and best educated of men in the circumstances the happiest to be found in the world; yet it seemed to me that a cloud habitually hung on their brow, and they seemed serious and almost sad in their pleasure ... because they never stop thinking of the good things they have not got.

- de Tocqueville


Critical Analysis
Drinking rocket fuel
Paul Harris, -Axis of Logic Exclusive!



Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.

- Blaise Pascal


Humanitarian Emergency in Rafah
Press Release, -Palestinian Red Cross
BBC's Photo journal: Life in Rafah, Gaza
Photographs by Chryssa Panoussiadou for the Panos picture agency, -BBC



From your separation,
The earth and the sky have wept,
The heart has sat in the midst of blood;
the wisdom and soul have wept.
Since in the world,
there is no one to replace you,
In your mourning,
place and no place have wept ...

- Rumi


Bush's Authority is a Ghost, God is Not
Dr. Gerry Lower, -Axis of Logic Exclusive

Political Satire
Gary Corseri, -Axis of Logic

Calling Satan's Hand
J. W. Hackett, -Contributed by the poet to Axis of Logic




Be mild with the mild, shrewd with the crafty,
confiding to the honest, rough to the ruffian,
and a thunderbolt to the liar. But in all this,
never be unmindful of your own dignity.

- John Brown


Letters from France
Facing fear
Robert Thompson, -Axis of Logic Exclusive

Letters from our Readers
May 1, 2004 - May 31, 2004

A Sampling of our Daily News


Clambering up the Cold Mountain path,

The Cold Mountain trail goes on and on:

The long gorge choked with scree and boulders,

The wide creek, the mist-blurred grass.

The moss is slippery, though there's been no rain

The pine sings, but there's no wind.

Who can leap the world's ties

And sit with me among the white clouds?

- Hanshan


On behalf of our editors and writers, thank you for listening ... and reading ... and contributing ...

We are not a closed system - Your comments are most welcome. We also invite you to share this issue of the Axis E-Zine with your friends and to encourage them to subscribe to future publications.



Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic
Boston, MA (USA)

� Copyright 2004 by

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