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Israel Mops Up Remains of Palestine ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Genevieve Cora Fraser
Axis of Logic (submitted by author)
Friday, Dec 9, 2005

Israel Mops Up Remains of Palestine

Messianic cleansing
Maniacal frenzy
Released by the sanctity
Of their cause
Stoning Arabs
To death 
Backed by the IDF
A forced racist exodus
Land secured 
Illegal outposts
Illicit settlements
The drummed up 
Hue and cry
Rush to Defend 
Howard, Hillary 
Liberal Democrats galore
Never blink
Never pause
Uphold the injustice of their Cause
As rocks whiz past
Against the enslaved
In Hebron in Bethlehem
The IDF play
Guns ablaze 
While shepherds
Tend their sheep
Spooked by sonic
Booms on high
Boxed in 
Torturers relax
Let loose in Gaza
Zero in 
Thirst, Hunger, Poverty
Suffering, Injury, Pain
Kill, Kill, Kill
Jet propelled
Missiles lob break
Neck fast retaliation
On all who dare complain
Erection Equals Election
Sharon and Peres
Know well
(And Peretz can go to hell)
Barriers long, short, fat and tall
Bar Palestinian resistance
Roads, shops, homes and farms
Lives left
To live
In peace
Behind the Wall
By Justice for Jews-Only Law
But the Pax Israeli
Is a pox
On both their houses
As decades of hostilities attest
 Biblical heritage
Bitterly disputed
Hatred unleashed
The Occupiers
Steel mesh
Surround Palestinian homes
Can't you see, Mama
The Zionist Vision
Is Fulfilled
Cement walls
Reach skyward
North East
South West
It sprawls
As electronic eyes
Peer down
The City of Abraham
Father of the feud
Is slashed in half
By settlers
Seeking all
Lurianic Cabbala 
Jewish mystics
Agree the world
Was created 
To Differentiate
Between them and us
G-d sees
We are not stealing
Land from the Arabs
Merely sanctifying
It for me

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