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The Problem with Jesus ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Raja Chemayel
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009

(originally published on Axis of Logic on August 9, 2007)

The Problem with Jesus

 .... or was Jesus really run-down by a Bulldozer ?? 
To start with, he was from a middle class family
whose father was a simple carpenter, nothing fancy,
nothing exciting.
You might also call him a proletarian even ,
bearing in mind that he was also a refugee - in Egypt,
but he did not steal from Egypt on his way out ,
like Moses did ...
So Jesus being an honest person, it made him poorer
and consequently a proletarian too.
Add to that characteristic the fact he was born and raised
under occupation by a huge imperial power whom he disliked
to say the least --
Which made him an agitator a troublemaker ,a militant,
an activist, otherwise known as revolutionary ,
and in today's terms he would be
a Chavista or a Castroid or a Saddamist.
or simply a Hamas-member (or even a Hamas leader)
Anyhow he was from the third world and an Arab.
And even worse than Arab, he was a Palestinian!!
A Palestinian against Rome
and against those long-beard-rabies of Jerusalem.
With such a description ,,,,,,,,,
Jesus was looking for trouble!!
Add to that,  he also disliked the rich, even helped the poor
and has forgave a prostitute and even defended her !!
And if you thought that that was all ... he also fed the hungry,
he gave away his own coat to the needy and he preached equality.
Just like Hamas does ... today.
Imagine !!
In an occupied country, like Palestine,
someone comes to separate Caesar from God
and to separate  theocracy from politics
and to differentiate between Judaism and  Monotheism
and to promote equality and to share wealth.....
Such a person was looking for trouble:
A proletarian-Palestinian, anti-occupation
and anti religious-dogmatism and pro-social-egalitarian...
even Karl Marx would be jealous of him.
As a matter of fact Karl was jealous of him ,
and the Churches soon forgot him
and started worshipping his mother, instead.
He had it coming ,
no wonder he did not live more than 33 years !!
In nowadays standards ,
he would have been shot by the age of 14 ,
or run down by an Israeli-Bulldozer !!

Raja Chemayel
dedicating this one to Les, nonetheless
the ninth of August 2007

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