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Poetry for Palestine
  • Samah Sabawi , The Palestine Chronicle

    Are your loved ones trapped behind the wall Do they need the army’s permission For their prayers to reach the sky For their love to cross the ocean And touch your thirsty heart Are your loved ones trapped Do you yearn to be in your family home And when you... » read this article
  • Remi Kanazi , Poets for Palestine

    Palestinian Identity I was born overseas A refugee With little knowledge of myself or my ancestry Growing up in American society I conformed to the mentality I watched MTV Envied actors and people who drove Mercedes I didn’t listen to Public Enemy or read Edward Said Comprehend the need for... » read this article
  • Raja Chemayel , Axis of Logic

    (originally published on Axis of Logic on August 9, 2007) The Problem with Jesus  .... or was Jesus really run-down by a Bulldozer ??    To start with, he was from a middle class family whose father was a simple carpenter, nothing fancy, nothing exciting. You might also call him a... » read this article
  • Samah Sabawi , Arab Voices of Resistance via Tlaxcala

    What is a life worth? A grain of earth A drop of oil A flag on a hill of holy soil A cross…a star…a crescent moon… Is it worth ending a life too soon? What sacred verses can explain Sniper fire… And white phosphorus rain? What Holy Scripture gave the... » read this article
  • Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani , Submitted to Axis of Logic by Salamat Adib S. Kawar

    SONG  FOR A  PALESTINIAN CHILD I am a Palestinian child. I am a Palestinian child. People think, I am meek and mild. I  was  born in the midst of fire, Coffin on the body is my attire; I can face everything, dark and dire, The time fails to sink me... » read this article
  • Remi Kanazi. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    I never knew death until I saw the bombing of a refugee camp Craters filled with disfigured ankles and splattered torsos But no sign of a face, the only impression a fading scream I never understood pain Until a seven-year-old girl clutched my hand Stared up at me with soft... » read this article
  • Louis Armand , Axis of Logic

      LAZARINE Extradited again to the Land-of-No-Return. Like an extra on a B-grade horror flick: Night of the Living Dead. The minor vocation played-out through no unshakable conviction or aptness to purpose. Perhaps we didn't choose our circumstances, but can stupidity be survived? Stranded on a hillside in Gaza, gulping... » read this article
  • Nahida , Poetry for Palestine

    Beloved people of Gaza Beloved people of Gaza Treasured people of Palestine Teachers of courage and dignity Archetype of humanity Allow me to kneel down And wash your feet with my tears Kiss your blessed hands And sprinkle your beautiful faces with musk and roses While we sat pondering like... » read this article
  • Raja Chemayel , Frustrated Arab Diary

    Who shall throw the first stone ???? Hamas , while taking over Gaza has entered the shrine of Fateh's secret-police-head-office.   Only to find out that all suspicions were correct : A Great portion of Fateh's leadership was on the payroll of a mighty intelligence agency serving the interests of... » read this article
  • James F. Harrington , Axis of Logic

    Deir Yassin Oh Allah dear, the day may come, for all the world to see. I pray that I may be the man, to set my people free. And to the call, I'll lead them all to freedom and victory. And never more, my people roam in grief and poverty.... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic (submitted by author)

    Israel Mops Up Remains of Palestine Messianic cleansing Maniacal frenzy Released by the sanctity Of their cause Stoning Arabs To death  Backed by the IDF A forced racist exodus Zionist Promised Land secured  Illegal outposts Illicit settlements The drummed up  Hue and cry Crafty  Politicians Rush to Defend  Howard, Hillary ... » read this article
  • Arthur Campbell ,

    Arafat A great man passes, whom some call a monster. hordes roam the streets, hordes in the dessert. And on the shore, masters of the world bark: a new order has come. but what has come upon us is not a new order, but his shadow: taller, and darker in... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic

    Anatomy of Israeli-Zionist Racism Plotting Bread is cheap and water Makes tea a Palestinian Prison life diet provided By Israel's good Neighbor Policy Gets down to the bare Bones good fences Make good neighbors Barricaded behind The Apartheid Wall Cements the deal As government Sponsored settlers steal More and more... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic

    Rafah Roughed Up and Readied for Sacrifice Sealed off Hermetically Sanctioned By the media Eye Bulldozed Compressed Homes Imploded No victims But Palestinian Terrorists Fleeing Israel's full forced Surgical strike Cleansed The land Of the People Palestinian Refugees Squatting On Israel's Right to Return To a Biblical Disney World Promised... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic

    America's Dark Passage Into Israel's Hell Israeli surveillance drones Above well below where Allah Is watching the People Mourn and shout defiance Israeli assassination attempts To kill the will of a People Who have lived since the dawn Of humanity in this place The Arab street sees An American project... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic

    Mother Palestine     She held him close Draped her black shawl About his frail body A tent warm and safe   So little so fierce In his love for her His father a martyr Shot at the wall   A tent within a tent Near the remains Of their refugee... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic

     Israel's Lost Children Come Home Ashkenazi children Bereft of viewpoints Except those instilled By Zionist hosts Listen to the logic Of survival Reject the pain You inflict Break the spell Of hell Please Come home Isolated in a world Of Jewry Converted Entitled in a belief That brings you Despair... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic

    Palestinian Spring in the Mist of Time It is late the moon glows Warmly among the stars A Palestinian man sits quietly Sipping tea pouring seeds Through his fingers Sifting through thoughts Calculates planting Hope for a season Of peace   His wife hovers nearby Concerned for his safety As... » read this article
  • Genevieve Cora Fraser , Axis of Logic

    Newcomer Israel Claims 3000 Year Old Right To Wipe Palestine Off the Face of the Earth The Loudspeaker announced Bloody revenge avenged 2,829 dead on the Palestinian Side 950 dead Israelis He who does not own Deeded the land To he who does not deserve Was said over rice and... » read this article
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