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By James F. Harrington
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Oct 5, 2006

Deir Yassin

Oh Allah dear, the day may come, for all the world to see.

I pray that I may be the man, to set my people free.

And to the call, I'll lead them all to freedom and victory.

And never more, my people roam in grief and poverty.

But soon shall live, side by side, in peace and harmony

next to those who for so long, have brutally persecuted thee.

Their shameful crimes shall not remain unknown

But brought forth for all the world to see

Our symbol shall always remain, the uprooted olive tree.

And until I die, I'll raise our flag, the red, white, green and black

And hold our country's banner high,

Until the day, inshalla, we get our country back!

And loud and high we'll raise the cry...

For the memory of Deir Yassin!!!

Written April 12, 2004. Original words inspired from an Irish Republican song, "Skibbereen" by The Wolfetones.

Read the history of Deir Yassin

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