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By Chandi Sinnathurai. Axis of Logic.
Axis of Logic
Saturday, Jul 25, 2009

An Ode to Orwell

The Sun has sunk into the muddy waters
The moon has lost its romance.
Skeletons turning in their mass graves
Karl is in mourning.
His thoughts have become convenient a rhetoric
on the tongues of all those pseudo prophets
who come out of the wood works
in a time of opportunity.

Humans have lost their value
In this insane rush of a rat-race.
All look for a catch phrase
Everything you stood for
Falls and crumbles in the killing fields.
The dead exceed the living.
The living wants to die without hope.
Legends and cover-ups re-ignite the rumour mills
The foxes are crouching at the gates of Hades.

Fear and suspicion takes over
No one seem to know the way out
The fire escape is firmly locked.
Every one looks over your shoulder
In an Orwellian paradise.
And every one recites the writing on the wall:
This is the "land of the free."
Let's go for a shopping spree.

They sell pet-doctrines, machine guns and Voodoo dolls for cash.
Philosophies and theories,
Economic devises and political anomalies...
You name it. You have it. No guarantees given.
No paper trails.
Every one walks tall in 'tails'
Gay and full of glee
This is the "land of the free."
of an imprisoned state without walls
full of bull-shit and synthetic Malls.

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