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By A Peasantry Observation
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jul 31, 2009

A Peasantry Observation

Life is a laboratory
You trust some people
Yet they let you down.
The worst of all is
They crucify and cut you down.

You love some Body
Yet, they'll turn around and bite your heel.
Don't they care deep down how you feel?
Judas is cooking a kosher meal
Thirty silver coins is part of the deal.

What goes around, it comes around
Empires fall and Vampires rule.
The one who knows is the wise old fool.
Boom, boom, boom
Its blood, flood and gloom.

One day you're a star liberator
The next day you're a fascist dictator.
Yet, you speak about emancipation
But you've fallen a prey to masturbation.
Its the primal game of self-preservation.

Every one looks for a hero
Sooner or later you worship a neurotic Nero
Boom, boom, boom
Let thousand flowers bloom: while thousands battle and die.
When all have lost the reason to ask why!

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