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Men of War ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Zubaida Ahmed
Axis of Logic
Monday, Apr 5, 2010

Men of war,
Enemies to love and peace
Lovers to angels of death.
(Emilia Stark)
Turning our green fields to seas of blood
Leaving no safe sanctuary.
We are widows and widowers;
We are orphans and sojourners.
What have you done?
Snatching suckling babies
From suckling mothers;
Turning their milk dry.
Men of war,
Can you make a single hair grey or black?
Can you make a single soul?
Robbing us from what enriches you not;
Bringing emptiness into our lives.
Men of war,
Can't you see?
Blind in action
Deaf to the thunderous sounds of
Sophisticated killing machines;
Dumb to the last command
Kill! Kill! Kill!
What else WAR LORDS?

Zubaida Ahmed, a poet in Sierra Leone

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