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Anti-War Poems
  • Sukant Chandan , Straight Talk

    No Time for Poetry Not many were fighting like when you erupted, You took cover behind those walls, The defunct enemy you were confronting. What’s the point of negotiation when all We receive is provocation upon provocation No! This is not going to make us fall! And now we’re stepping... » read this article
  • Zubaida Ahmed , Axis of Logic

    Men of war, Enemies to love and peace Lovers to angels of death. Turning our green fields to seas of blood Leaving no safe sanctuary. We are widows and widowers; We are orphans and sojourners. What have you done? Snatching suckling babies From suckling mothers; Turning their milk dry. Men... » read this article
  • Mankh (Walter E. Harris III). Axis of Logic. , Axis of Logic

    Editor's Note: We bring our original 2008 publication of Mankh's poem back to celebrate the extraordinary announcement that the Nobel Peace Prize is being given to Barack Obama, even as he bombs innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Any questions you may have ever had about the credibility of the Norwegian Nobel... » read this article
  • W. Vic Ratsma , Axis of Logic

    Voices from The Dead Quietly we lie, scattered across the land separated from our comrades in battle, returned home in a pre-paid coffin draped by an American flag, and put to rest in a hometown plot. We are the dead. They told us that we would be heroes fighting for... » read this article
  • Chandi Sinnathurai. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

        SO LONG!   Sufi, my Moslem friend Let's pretend that the world is a long poem with Quarter-tones and tambourines, Whirling children, women and gentlemen. Sufi, my Moslem friend, Let's pretend and turn gold into dust, tears into silver streams, thoughts into frozen mountains every meaningful gestures into an... » read this article
  • Editorial. Workers World , Workers World

    Ah, lowly objects of mundane human existence, forever condemned to carry on your backs the weight of the world, this ode is to you. Because of you we tenderfeet are able to trudge through burning deserts and freezing slush. We slap you upon the pavements of great metropolises and quiet... » read this article
  • Wade Kane, Vietnam Combat Veteran , Axis of Logic exclusive

    This thought about war came to me today on news about other nations around the world seeking to rein in aggression by the USA.    My thought was about using the last stanza of W.H. Auden's poem "Oh What is That Sound" for a letter to friends.  While looking for... » read this article
  • Judith Moriarty (patience - photos: requires few seconds to load) , Axis of Logic

    Originally published on Axis of Logic on May 8, 2007. There is a great hue and cry over the May Day demonstrations in Los Angeles (legitimate) that saw the LAPD in their military gear - assaulting mostly Mexican immigrants. Nobody should suffer brutalization by the police.This has been given a... » read this article
  • James Petras* , Axis of Logic

    The Canaanites pounded wheat and baked bread on me. The children of Abraham carried me to the Temple of Prayer and I became a Wailing Wall. Then came the Romans and the Hellenized Jews put me in a flower garden where they drank wine and expounded on the virtues of... » read this article
  • Linda Straub , Poets Against theWar

    Cartilage and Steel (Children of Iraq) Youth, soft in their cartilage, sleep beside Kalashnikovs; escapees of consciousness and bloody killing fields. Daylight bursts blade sharp, and lunges for the shadows where innocent children hide. It calls them, name by name, Each day, fewer answer. - Linda C. Straub January 2007... » read this article
  • Rupert Fike , Axis of Logic

    It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it." -unnamed US major as quoted by Peter Arnett, Feb 7, 1968   America as the Village of Ben Tre First came carpet bomb wire-taps to soften us up before Napalm, today's water-boarding (a Khmer Rouge torture loved by... » read this article
  • Neil Young , Lyrics Universe

    Cortez The Killer He came dancing across the water With his galleons and guns Looking for the new world In that palace in the sun. On the shore lay Montezuma With his coca leaves and pearls In his halls he often wondered With the secrets of the worlds. And his... » read this article
  • Michael Smith , Axis of Logic

    Guantanamo Always a long-shot for the public's ticket - a tortured, sub-titled script never likely to be an academy favourite. The establishment remake: stripped bare pasted, slapped on the good & evil billboard. For those who like a scare, but the good guys win. In the end no jury requested.... » read this article
  • Michael Smith , Axis of Logic

    And when you said, Mr Clauswitz War is politics by another means, you gave to something destined to fall bloodied, and come limping back, an equal footing, a legitimate feel to that which is nothing but a failure of the politic; a failure of the patience; of the memory; of... » read this article
  • Michael Smith , Axis of Logic

    IF ON THAT FIRST DAY   If on that first day Of shock and awe When we sat well back In our armchairs, lit The blue touch-paper;   If on that first hot day As aqua-eyed Marines Trespassed, watchful On unfamiliar sand A million miles from Big Sur, On a... » read this article
  • Jack Mothershed , Axis of Logic

    A BEAUTIFUL DAY What a beautiful day. Off coast, seabirds are swirling in a half mile circle catching fish like crazy. Pelicans punctuate the situation here and there with their spectacular plunges. Under the surface a massive ball of fish is being chased by hungry seals. Hungry seals are being... » read this article
  • Sam Hamod ,

    This Night in Fallujah: Lailat Al Qadr in Ramadan Tonight, in Fallujah We wait For the known For the follow-up To the fighter planes To the rockets To the long days of shelling To the depleted uranium killing us slowly, We wait To see their tanks Their tanks will come... » read this article
  • Cat Stevens , Izitso

    Killin' Time People polishing guns They've got nothing better to do Though they think they're having fun They're just living to die, if they but knew Now, now   All day long they sit at home Waiting for the milk to come Watch them turn into stone Thinking 'bout the... » read this article
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