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By Anna Massry in Egypt. Axis of Logic.
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Sep 2, 2010

Journal Entry #1 Who are these people at the White House??

Who are these people at the White House?? Every time there is a new US president, we have to go through farcical Arab/Israeli “peace” summits “mediated” by the US.  Both the US and Israel are in dire need for a good photo op to boost their shattered image among their people because in the Middle East and in the Muslim world, the US image is already completely shattered.

For the Middle East… or should I say the “greater” Middle East, the US = Israel = WMD = war = false flags = dictators = corruption = no democracy  =  no development = poverty = misery.

In the Middle East, we are no longer interested in seeing the same kitschy scenes we have been watching for the past 60 years and more.   We are not interested in seeing or hearing the same old US hypocrisy, the same Israeli lies and the same pathetically weak US “allied” Arab “leaders”.  Is there anyone who honestly still imagines that the people of the Arab and Muslim world take “peace” negotiations seriously?  Please… spare us…  Little does the US know. 

As Mr. Obama spoke today, he mentioned that “all of us are leaders of our people”.  No Mr. Obama.  President Mubarak does not represent the great majority of the Egyptian people and Mahmoud Abbas does not represent the Palestinians at all.  He is not even their “president” as you keep saying since his term in office expired in January 2009.. but that would not interest the US since Abbas is the US man on whatever small fraction of land is left in the West Bank.  If the US had a grain of respect for the Palestinian, Arab or Muslim people, it would be negotiating with those who represent them rather than branding them as “terrorists”.. or assassinating them or trying to overthrow them simply because they do not like US (= Israeli) foreign policy.  Does the US think that we in the Arab world do not see that the US is basically “negotiating” with itself right now in this pathetic new “peace summit”? 

The US = Israel.  President Mubarak = the US.  Mahmoud Abbas = the US.   The king of Jordan… has a father who flew his helicopter in secret to meet with Golda Meir.

The Arab leaders who are going to participate to the present “direct” “peace” negotiations are speaking for themselves which means that they are speaking for the US.  They do not speak for the Arab or Muslim world… and besides, what they have to offer is no longer theirs to sell.

Viva Palestina!


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