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Israel's Lost Children Come Home ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Genevieve Cora Fraser
Axis of Logic
Monday, Dec 15, 2003

 Israel's Lost Children
Come Home
Ashkenazi children
Bereft of viewpoints
Except those instilled
By Zionist hosts
Listen to the logic
Of survival
Reject the pain
You inflict
Break the spell
Of hell
Come home
Isolated in a world
Of Jewry
Entitled in a belief
That brings you
You are lost
In the land
Of the Semite
You know you
Don't belong there
Ashkenazi children
Of the holocaust
Each day
In your mind
The path of your life
Is too narrow
Too fearful
For life
To live
Ashkenazi children
Lost and seeking
Semite bloodlines
You claim
Spring from a myth
In a desert
Of confusion
Enshrined in anguish
You are killing
The ones
You profess
Ashkenazi children
Of Europe you are
Filled with anger
Of rejection
It has twisted
Your senses
And hardened
Your hearts
To be cast out
By the Father
Land of your birth
Ashkenazi children
Playing Semite
Palestinian brothers
As kin
In a humanity created
By the Almighty
Love is the key
To welcome
You home

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