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"Vince" Responds to James Petras' Analysis of Obama's Second Term Printer friendly page Print This
By Vince
Axis of Logic
Monday, Apr 8, 2013

We've chosen the following reader's comment by "Vince" as this week's "Choice Reader Comment." Vince responds to James Petras' article, "President Obama’s Second Term: Selling Death and Buying Assassins, recently published on Axis of Logic. Sometimes a visitor tells us that articles by Petras and others that we write or publish are "too long to read." It is our view that if readers really want to get to the truth of a matter there's no such thing as "too long to read" - whether it be an essay, analysis or a book! This is one of the things that distinguishes Axis of Logic from many other websites that are published for "screen readers," i.e. those who tend to look for summaries rather than comprehensive, critical analyses like those of James Petras. But we do appreciate all visitors to Axis of Logic regardless of their political views or methods of educating themselves about what's happening in our world. We want to take this opporunity to thank Vince for his comment and his desire to understand the details.

- Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic


This is a mighty piece that contains an abundance of information I was not aware of. Perhaps aware, but not this detailed. Thank you for the hard work it must take to gather this information. Checking other media sources is almost comedic, but I find it almost more enlightening to read what the masses are being fed day in and day out. I feel AOL amplifies the fine print that major media never releases.

I truly believe that we are entering the greatest awakening of human history, but we're still in the baby stage. Leaders still rule over the wild spirit of the people, but with internet and ever increasing numbers of people that dissent the leaders' poor decisions I believe someday we will actually realize we are the ones with the power.


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