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Axis of Logic Ezine, Father's Day Issue, June 15, 2003 ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic
Sunday, Jun 15, 2003

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If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?

- Dogen Zenji


'Man, Dad...' -- Locked Up Youth Write Father's Day Greetings to Dads Who Weren't There - Youth Commentaries
, compiled by Michael Kroll, Pacific News Service, Jun 06, 2003

Poem from India
Oh! my father, by Kumar Srinivasan
I looked up to the sky one night,
I saw a star burning very bright,
What or who could this be, or could it be....
yes oh my father it is, atlast thee.
O my dearest father of mine,
is it really you? with that luminous shine.
O guide me sir, I am in a life's quagmire,
Please, show me the way out of this tumultuous fire.
For I have not done anything you would not,
I have long strived to be you, and I forgot,
sir I can't be you, I have to be me,
I have to be! for no one else can be thee.
You taught me love and kindness,
you taught me to be brave and show fairness.
You gave me no one else did, a gift,
yes! an intellectual gift.
Ah, now I see, you have very well known,
I am an adult and I am fully grown.
Ah I see, I have to find myself out,
Yes, for now, I will seek the way out.

I will every night,
even the cloudiest of night,
look for the brightest starry light,
and perhaps a little glimpse of thee? 

Father's wars

Fighting Our Fathers' Wars, by Farai Chideya, AlterNet, March 27, 2003

One of the biggest ideological battles of all time has been between the concept of free will and the concept of predestination, or walking the path that God and/or our Fathers have set for us. Iraq is no exception.



In war, "fathers bury sons, rather than sons, fathers."

~ Herodotus, "Father of History"



Stories of adults and children who lost their fathers, sons, mothers and daughters in the Anglo-American war on the Iraqi people:
"My dad was killed in the war on April 7.
His name was Sami Mikhael Amin Al Shammas" 
 - by Suhair Mikhael, June 5, 2003


102 Reasons why the war on Iraq was not worth it, by Sheila Samples, June 14, 2003
Britain's Guardian Newspaper has begun a "Memorial" section wherein those who have lost their lives in the war on Iraq are listed -- Iraqi civilians, a scattering of Iraqi soldiers, a startling number of global journalists and British and American soldiers. The number of slain American servicemembers listed is greater than all the others, but the listing is in no way complete, as many have not yet been recorded and each day brings new violence and names to be added.

Remembering the Iraqi Fathers and Sons who died in the war - and those left behind . . .

How many Iraqi soldiers have died in this war?
obody cares enough to count!

  • Do Iraqi soldiers have families, mothers, wives and children ?
  • Do Iraqi soldiers bleed?
  • Do Iraqi soldiers feel pain, loyalty and love?
  • Do Iraq's soldiers care less about their country than soldiers in he US army?
  • Do Iraq's soldiers swear an oath to protect and serve their country?
  • Do Iraqi Children love their fathers less because they serve in their countries army?
  • Do an Iraqi soldiers wife's tears mean less than those of an US Military wife?
  • Do Iraqi soldiers pray to God as their blood gushes into the ancient sands that gave birth to our civilization and three great religions of our planet?
  • Do Iraqi soldiers stand defiant before the mightiest super power this earth has every seen?
  • Do you care less for life because it exists beyond your shores?
  • Do you listen as others speak of Iraq's soldiers as if they were mere animals, worthy of nothing other than slaughter?
  • Do you know how you destroy your own soul by devaluing the humanity of others?
  • Do you care that our nation is brutality destroying thousand of humans who are acting honorably in the defense of their country?
  • If God exists do you assume he values Iraqi soldiers less than he cherishes you?
  • Do you pray for Iraq's soldiers ?
  • Or would that be Unamerican?


Fathers & Daughters
"Night Terras"by Les Blough
Spread thy wings of healing o’er me.
Bring me to thy bosom now.
Night Terra’s plunging, screaming at me,
Shrieking, breaking in my brow.
Catch me, hold me while I tremble.
Father go and find me there.
Careening, chasing, grinding, grabbing.
I’m fleeing horrors wild and rare.
Cover, press me, love me, hold me.
Lift me with your arms of might.
From those sinking Rooms of Darkness.
From those tunnels of the night.
Tell me they will never get me.
Say they are not even real.
Hush away those deep night terra’s.
Cover with your wings and heal.

Father and Son - The Fred Hampton Stories - read the documentary about the cases of both Fred Hampton Sr., slain leader of the Black Panther Party and his son, Fred Jr., now in prison.

They bloom
And then we look
And then they fall

Axis of Logic poems about sons and fathers

Last two letters received by Axis of Logic from a father in Palestine, June 14, 2003

Thank you for reading!
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