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By Genevieve Cora Fraser
Axis of Logic
Monday, Dec 15, 2003

Newcomer Israel
Claims 3000 Year Old Right
To Wipe Palestine
Off the Face of the Earth

The Loudspeaker announced
Bloody revenge avenged
2,829 dead on the Palestinian
Side 950 dead Israelis
He who does not own
Deeded the land
To he who does not deserve
Was said over rice and hummas
Damned if they do
And dead if they don't
How do you make peace
When nobody is there
To make peace?
She said with a grimace
Casting her vote to stay
The course in Neo-Biblical
Belief in Gaza
Entitlement no-rights
But Israeli-Rights
3000 years after the fact
Wanna-be Holy Landers
Stake their claim
Snipers take aim
In Nablus as Palestinians
Return from a photography
Exhibit on Israel's 2002
Rampage on the Old City
Sacred prize
Youths spotting tanks
Pick up stones snipers
Shoot in the back in the head
Too many dead
In the overcrowded hospital
Young men bullet
Wounded fester
An eight year old
Recovered smiles
Tear streaked
In mother's
Embrace old men
Pray wipe their face
With both hands
The brown earth
Gashed a wound
Deep in the grassy
Cemetery a martyred
Child rests in peace
As Palestinian gunman
Revenge Yassin
Revenge Rantissi
Revenge children
Revenge  wives
Revenge their lost
Land taken
Squalor thirst
Spotted an SUV
Sporting a bumper
Sticker A Vote
For Withdrawal
Is a Vote for Terrorists
Shot the Israeli settler
8 months pregnant
And her 4 daughters
11 years, 9 years, 7 and 2
On their way to protest
The rights of 7,500
Settlers over 1.3
Million Palestinians
Crammed ever tighter
Into what remains
Not off-limits
In the Gaza Strip
Women screamed
From balconies
As Israeli helicopters
Flew in to avenge
Fired 3 missiles
Into the free press

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