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Anatomy of Israeli-Zionist Racism Plotting ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Genevieve Cora Fraser
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Jun 30, 2004

Anatomy of Israeli-Zionist Racism Plotting

Bread is cheap and water
Makes tea a Palestinian
Prison life diet provided
By Israel's good
Neighbor Policy
Gets down to the bare
Bones good fences
Make good neighbors
Barricaded behind
The Apartheid Wall
Cements the deal
As government
Sponsored settlers steal
More and more
Of what little
Remains of Palestine
Spy cameras atop
Electrified razor
Wire fences watch
The movement of Arab
Lives blocked by roadblocks
Checkpoints, Israeli
Only roads hem in
Confine Palestinians
Made landless
Are they to exist
On air float by adrift
Buoyed by bodies
Weighing less
And less as Israel
Kills the livestock
Bees and trees bomb
Wells with tear gas
Poison is cheaper
Than the multiyear
36.5 billion Defense
Budget General Staff
Okayed for an IDF
Work plan Unified
Control and Command
Over air, sea and land
To attack Palestinians
Who with sticks
And stones and home
Made bombs create
A Resistance Movement
Pitted against Israeli
M-113 APCs
And Dingo Armored
Patrol vehicles
Fighter jets, tanks
Bulldozers, bullets
Buy death, death
Death to Palestine
The New IDF
Doctrine meets
The Needs
On Terror
As nutrition
Less mother's
Milk from starving
Palestinian mothers
Nurse starving babies
Money is made
Tighter and tighter
In a shriveled
Palestinian economy
No work no jobs
No land farmer's fields
Are off limits to Arab
Farmers seeking self
Sufficiency as Israel
Fires million dollar
Guided missiles
From Apache
Helicopter gunships
Into crowds
Schools, homes
And the Media
To silence Palestine�s
Voices crying out
For help starved
Assaulted stolen from
Again and again and again
By settlers and Israeli
Politicians who plot
To avoid complying
With International
Humanitarian Law
Nearly six decades
Of Zionist racism
And aggression
Is creating
A Palestinian
That will seal
The fate of Jews
Jewish Voices
Crying out
Are heard

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