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IF ON THAT FIRST DAY ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Michael Smith
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Nov 16, 2005


If on that first day
Of shock and awe
When we sat well back
In our armchairs, lit
The blue touch-paper;
If on that first hot day
As aqua-eyed Marines
Trespassed, watchful
On unfamiliar sand
A million miles from
Big Sur,
On a big blue day;
If on that first day
A grievous number
Had slapped us straight
Not crept, day by day
One by one, as slow
As a pitchers duel
That quells the crowd;
If on that first day
The nightly News
Had laid at our feet
Two thousand so brave
Suddenly fragile
And now no more
What then?  Surely, what then?

Michael Smith is a Brussel-based writer with work published in numerous UK poetry magazines. See his poem In A London Park During Wartime published on Axis of Logic earlier this year.

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